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Abandoned Library

The Abandoned Library is a location found randomly when exploring the Wild Gardens in the Dark Forest. The Abandoned Library can also be directly accessed by heroes that possess a Gate Key.


The inside of this library is massive. Galleries of crumbling bookshelves rise above you for several stories. Amidst the clusters of vines and decaying structure you can still make out sections which may have texts that are still intact. But no one can't say where is it.


Special encounters[]

  • Floor collapse: The hero loses 1 turn (unavoidable)
  • Book: Random chance to gain a schematic
    • Please see the main article on schematics for a list of schematics obtainable from the abandoned library.
    • The book may crumble, resulting in nothing.
    • Found schematic will be learned by the hero, regardless of his class.


Upon receiving a schematic for the second time, you will instead get an item you can sell at the Gnome Hovel or Wizard Tower: