Heroes of Ardania Wiki

Abilities are skill sets that heroes begin with or can obtain or learn and develop in different ways. Certain abilities are not available to all heroes. Certain abilities are also applicable to creatures and followers.

List of abilities[]

Ability Hero classes Foes Function
Class ability Acquirable
Class abilities
Attack Multiple Foes WoD Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue Chance (%) to attack up to three opponents
Attack of Opportunity Cultist, Elf, Rogue After landing an attack, chance (artifice%) to inflict an additional attack at (artifice%) damage of the original attack
Club Attack Barbarian +10 damage (passive)
Combat Luck Gnome Champion Adds Luck to H2H, Dodge, Parry, and MGR
Critical Hit Barbarian, Monk, WoD Chance (%) to inflict a critical hit, which instantly kills targets without resistance
Double Attack Adept All classes Chance (%) to inflict two physical attacks against a single target
Entertaining Elf Allows the hero to perform in Inns and other locations to earn gold
Hardiness Barbarian Chance (%) to avoid death when defeated in battle
Harvesting Ranger, Rogue Chance to harvest herbs in eligible areas
Howl of Discord WoD Every 8 rounds, perform an irresistible attack that targets up to 5 opponents, dealing 10+(Level/2) damage. Works even if hero is petrified, paralyzed, tangled, or frozen.
Immunity to Poison Dwarf, Cultist, WoD All classes Immunity to all negative effects of poison
Journey to Distant Lands Ranger Enables exiting Darkmoor Swamp and Goblin Territory at any time. Obviates the need of maps of certain areas such as the Hellfire Mountains.
Looting Gravestones Rogue Allows the rogue to gain gold by looting gravestones.
Planting Cultist, Healer Chance to plant herbs to gain experience, after a non-special-encounter battle in an eligible area
Rebirth Healer Equivalent to an accumulated resurrection count (1 is given per level-up)
Resist Critical Hit All classes Incur damage equal to 1/6 of max HP upon receiving a critical hit
Stealing Cultist, Elf, Rogue All classes Enables hero to steal from shops
Acquirable abilities
Craftsmanship All classes Enables purchase of schematics. Determines proficiency in using schematics.
Dagger Storm Cultist Once every 5 rounds, unleash a physical attack against up to 7 opponents. Granted by the Baldric of Feathers.
Plague All classes -30 penalty to H2H, Parry, Dodge, Ranged, and MGR. Received during the Plagued! quest in the Ruins of Thallis.
Poisoned Weapon All classes Inflict poison damage in the given amount
Regeneration All classes Automatically heal the given amount of HP per combat round
Slayer Most classes The damage roll always results in the maximum possible value. Given by the Golem Fist, Golem Sledge, and the Paladin Aura spell.
Stealth Cultist Adds artifice (up to 30) to H2H, Ranged, Parry and Dodge. Given by the Varg Cloak.
Triple Strike Elf, Ranger Chance (%) to inflict three physical attacks against a single target; otherwise, a double attack is performed instead. Granted by the Grandbow of Speed.
Dark Forest Auras
Aura of Fear All classes All opponents receive -10 to H2H, Ranged, Dodge and Parry
Aura of Victory +10 to H2H, Ranged, Dodge and Parry
Aura of Enchantment +1 enchantment bonus to weapon damage and armor
Aura of Health Hero receives Immunity to Poison and +4 vitality
Aura of Might +8 Strength, +8 Willpower and +4 Intelligence
Luddite Given to heroes who went through a two-day server rollback that occurred in 2016
Veteran Given to heroes who predate the reset of 2010
Monsters/followers only
Concealment Similar to camouflage, but is activated without spellcasting
Deserter Follower has a chance to desert when the hero takes a turn action
Relentless The monster never flees from combat