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Armbands are items equipped in the armband slot. Armbands, which are often called "bracers," offer a wide range of useful stat bonuses, depending on the particular item.

Some armbands are socketable. In the lists below, the § symbol indicates that the armband is socketable, with two slots, using the Socketing Manual schematic.

Basic armbands[]

Armband Class Effects Acquisition

(see individual item pages for all locations)

Bracer of the Goblin All Parry +3, Intelligence -3 Goblin Necromancy quest reward
Bracers of Defilement All Poisoned Weapon (1) Fertile Plains (Ruined altar), Dark Forest (Daemonwood grove), Wild Gardens (Guardhouse), Buried Cathedral Vault
Nevryl Bracers All MGR +5, § Fertile Plains (Caravan Escort), Dark Forest (Brashnard Ruins), HFM South (Dragon Pit), HFM North (Barrow), Buried Cathedral (Vault)
Silver Bracers All (No effects), § Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine, Goblin Fortress, Ruined Altar)
Mithril Bracers All Parry +5, § Dark Forest (Brashnard Ruins, Daemonwood Grove), Fertile Plains (Caravan Escort, Ruined Altar, Ruined Shrine), HFM East (Daemonwood Grove), Ratman Battleground (Large Fortification), Buried Cathedral (Vault).
Mithril Studded Armband Warrior of Discord,


Parry +10, § HFM South (Huge Cave), HFM West (Ice Dragon Den), Dark Forest (Daemonwood Grove), Desolate Wastelands (Lair of Reavers). Socket using "Enchanted Armor" (instead of Socketing Manual)
Bracer of Accuracy Elf, Ranger Ranged +10, Damage +1 HFM East (Goblin Burial Mound, Grove of Daemonwood), Darkmoor Swamp (Swamp Hermit), Buried Cathedral (Vault), Dark Forest (Daemonwood Grove)

Crafted using schematics[]

Armband Class Effects Acquisition
Bracers of Divine Walloping Monk Damage +8 Schematic found in Abandoned Library: Mystic Bracers, Rumble Mitts, Golem Fist (HFM South)
Bracers of Celestial Might Monk Damage +12, Parry +10, Hand-to-hand +10, Critical Hit +1 Upgraded from Bracers of Divine Walloping at the Imp Workshop: Cursed Knife, Brick of Power

Mystic items[]

Mystic items serve as ingredients for certain class-specific schematics.

Armband Class Effects Acquisition/Notes
Mystic Bracers Monk None HFM North. Used as an ingredient for the above schematics

Armbands acquired from Thallis and Krolm's Anvil[]

Armband Class Effects Acquisition/Notes
Modified Bracer of Accuracy Rogue Ranged +10, Damage +1 Ruins of Thallis
(Thallis items)
Holy Bracers Paladin Parry +15, Dodge +10
Night Bracers Adept Magic Resist +10, Parry +5, §
Armband of Destruction Barbarian Damage +3, Double Attack +10, Attack Multiple Foes +10
Bracers of Marksmanship Ranger Ranged +15, Damage +3, Attack Multiple Foes +20
Lucky Bracers Gnome Luck +8
Healer Bracer Healer Poisoned Weapon (3), Damage +1, §
Solar Bracers Solarus Int +4, Strength +8, §
Bracers of Infection Warrior Poisoned Weapon (3), Parry +10, Armor +3
Mindband Wizard Int +4, §
Bracers of Immolation All Damage Shield Spell Krolm's Anvil