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Belts are items equipped in the belt slot. Belts offer a wide range of useful stat bonuses, depending on the item. Some belts can be socketed. Belts that can be socketed are indicated by the symbol §, followed by the number of sockets.

Standard belts[]

The following belts are usable by all classes.

Belt Effects Location/Notes
Belt of Balance Dodge +10, Parry +5, STR +2 Fertile Plains, other locations
Belt of Tenacity Vitality +1 Darkmoor Swamp, Catacombs
Greater Belt of Tenacity Vitality +2 Amulet of the Apprentice Quest Reward, Darkmoor Swamp, HFM East
Mithril Belt §3 Dark Forest, Fertile Plains
Accepts Beard Rings using the Mithril Belt schematic.
Rustward Dodge +10 Ratman Battleground
Belt of Rage STR +16, H2H +10, Damage +2, Dodge -5, Parry -5 HFM South, Desolate Wastelands, Darkmoor Swamp, Valley of Gur-Mechanica
Belt of Ravaging Damage +4, H2H +25, Str +32, Parry -15, Dodge -15, MGR -10 Upgrade Belt of Rage at Imp Workshop (Magic Skeleton Bone, Brick of Power)
Belt of Reflection Magic Mirror, Armor -10, Parry -80, Dodge -80 Krolm's Anvil

Ancient Belts[]

The following belts are found at the Sunken City.

Belt Classes Effects Notes
Ancient Belt of Godly Finesse Adept, Cultist, Monk, Ranged Ranged +5, Artifice +5, Speed +1, Dodge +5 Used to craft Belt of Ballistics
Ancient Belt of Godly Strength Melee (non-Spellcaster), except Gnome and Cultist Strength +5, Vitality +1, Damage +1 Used to craft Belt of Brawling
Ancient Belt of the Godly Mind Adept, Cultist, Monk, Paladin, Solarus, Spellcasters Intelligence +5, Willpower +5, Spell Damage +1 Used to craft Belt of Blasting
Ancient Belt of Godly Luck Gnome Luck +5 Dark Forest, Sunken City

Crafted belts[]

The following belts are crated using schematics obtained from the Wizard Tower.

Belt Classes Effects Schematic and ingredients
Belt of Ballistics §1 Elf, Ranger, Rogue (Armor: 1) Ranged +15, Damage +1 Crafted by the Belt of Ballistics schematic (Spider Beard Ring, Belt of Godly Finesse, Belt of Balance).
Socket a Quiver using the Improved Belt of Ballistics schematic.
Belt of Brawling §1 Melee, Cultist (Armor: 1) H2H +10, Parry +5, STR +8 Crafted using the Belt of Brawling schematic (Goblin Beard Ring, Belt of Godly Strength, Amulet of the Berserker).
Socket a Holster/Scabbard/Sheath with the Improved Belt of Brawling schematic.
Belt of Blasting §1 Wizard and Priest (Armor: 2) INT +8, Spell damage + 1 Crafted using the Belt of Blasting schematic (Skull/Dragon Beard Ring, Belt of Godly Mind, Ring of Devastation).
Socket a Holster with the Improved Belt of Blasting schematic.

Mystic items[]

Mystic items serve as ingredients for certain class-specific schematics.

Belt Classes Effects Location/Notes
Mystic Belt Barbarian, Cultist HFM South
Ingredient for the Breechcloth of the Wilds and Baldric of Feathers schematics.

Thallis belts[]

The following belts are class-specific Thallis items found in the Ruins of Thallis.

Belt Classes Effects
Belt of Godly Luck Gnome Luck +10, Strength +8, Damage +1
Belt of Dodging Adept Dodge +20, Parry +20, Hand-to-hand +10, Strength +16, Magic Resist +5, Speed +1
Belt of the Dire Bear Cultist (Armor: 3) Hand-to-hand +20, Parry +10, Strength +22, Magic Resist +5, Artifice +10
Belt of Holy Intervention Paladin (Armor: 1) Parry +15, Strength +16, Int +8
Necromancy Belt Priestess (Armor: 1) Intelligence +3, Spell Damage +2, Magic Resist +5
Belt of Pain Warrior of Discord (Armor: 2) Critical Hit +2, Damage +2, Parry +10, Magic Resist +5, Strength +8