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The Catacombs.

The Catacombs is a location within the graveyard that is found when exploring the graveyard. The entrance to the catacombs in permanently accessible, but once a hero is within the catacombs, the hero must explore to find the exit to the graveyard or the entrance to the Buried Cathedral. The Catacombs contains a great deal of mid-level items found in tombs which heroes may encounter. Lesser Undead populate the catacombs but not in numbers as large as those in the Buried Cathedral.


The catacombs are older than the city of Valmorgen itself. It is rumoured that they were connected to an ancient Cathedral that once stood in this place before it sunk into the ground with all of its occupants still inside of it.



  • Dust Encounter: Hero loses turns if not carrying Holy Water (one unit is auto-consumed in this encounter)
  • Find gold


Both upon exploring the catacombs: