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Charged item, known in-game as combat items and also referred to as charged combat items, are consumable items that have a limited number of uses. Charged items are readied prior to combat, and are consumed during combat. All charged items appear in-game as "Stacks" since multiple instances are grouped together. Items that have more than one maximum charge can be recharged at Wizard Tower, effectively giving you more charges of the item.

Combat use[]

Most charged items are Wands and Gems that cast spells during combat. Spells cast in this manner have the same properties as those cast as a learned spell, enchantment, or item-granted spell, but with the following differences:

  • Unlike spells cast by the user, spells cast by charged items do not benefit from the hero's intelligence attribute. For this reason, offensive spells cast by charged items have limited effectiveness against opponents with high magic resistance.
  • Spells cast from charged items can be re-cast before the normal cooldown is over by reading multiple charged items. For this reason, defensive self-buff spells cast by charged items can be consecutively recast without incurring downtime.

The number of consecutive recasts may be limited by the maximum casts per stack of a charged item.

  • For example, the Invisibility Gem is limited to one cast per stack during a single battle. Therefore, Invisibility Gems can be used no more than five times during combat, by readying five of such items prior to combat.
  • On the other hand, the Anti-Magic Gem does not have a recast limit. Thus, a single stack of Anti-Magic Gem will recast once the spell cooldown has elapsed. However, given that the Anti-Magic Shield spell has a cooldown that is longer than its duration, it is necessary to ready two stacks of Anti-Magic Gems in order to enable continuous recast without cooldown. In this case, the two stacks will alternate in being cast.


Name Spell Cast Charges Acquisition
Wand of Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt 10 Wizards Guild (400 gold)
Wand of Lightning Storm Lightning Storm 5 Wizards Guild (2400 gold), Fertile Plains (Ruined Altar), HFM South (Dragon Pit), Nomad's Outpost (1600 gold)
Wand of Paralyzation Paralytic Gaze 10 Sunken City (Frozen Hunter Encounter), Darkmoor Swamp (Hermit), Dark Forest (Daemonwood Grove and Abandoned Altar), Ratman Battleground (Small Fortification), HFM West (Snake Pit)
Wand of Insect Plague Insect Swarm 10 HFM East (Goblin Ritual), Sunken City (Motionless Flesh Hunter), Fertile Plains (Goblin Fortress)
Wand of Invisibility Invisibility (67) 2 Nomad's Outpost Shop, Krolm's Anvil, Sunken City (Motionless Flesh Hunter)
Teevus Wand Vortex 5 HFM South (Dragon Pit, protected by many Dragons), Sunken City (Temple Ruins), Valley of Gur-Mechina (Tomb Crypt, Wizard ONLY!), Ruins of Thallis (Mausoleum)
Death Wand Apocalyptica 1 Krolm's Anvil (Ancient Burial Ground, Ruined Altar), Sunken City (Motionless Flesh Hunter)
Wand of Acid Acid Bolt 10 Sunken City Motionless Flesh Hunter, Wild Gardens Old Guardhouse, Elven Shop
Wand of the Barrier Damage Shield 10
Wand of Force Force 20


Name Spell Cast Charges Acquisition
Anti-Magic Gem Anti-Magic Shield 10 Wizards Guild, Nomad's Outpost (500 gold)
Invisibility Gem Invisibility (45) 10 Wizards Guild, Nomad's Outpost (400 gold)
Shadow Gem Summon Shadowbeast 10 Dark Forest (Abandoned Altar), Desolate Wastelands (Lair of Reavers), Fertile Plains (Ruined Altar), HFM East (Abandoned Altar)
Gemstone of Death Radiate Energy 5 Valley of Gur-Mechina (Ancient Graveyard, Tomb Crypt)
Jewel of Fiery Doom Inferno 10 HFM South (Large Cave), Fertile Plains (Ruined Altar), Dark Forest (Abandoned Altar), Wild Gardens (Old Guardhouse), Elven Shop (3150 gold)
Jewel of the Gorgon Petrify 3 HFM West (Snake Pit), HFM South (Large Cave), Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine)


Name Spell Cast Charges Acquisition
Firebomb FireBlast 5 Wild Gardens Old Guardhouse, Elven Shop (360 gold)
Splinter of Burning FireBlast 10 Dark Forest (Brashnard Ruins)
Splinter of Combustion FireBall 5
Splinter of Detonation Exploding Aura 3
Splinter of Transfixion Paralytic Gaze 3
Large Oculus Eye Paralytic Gaze 3 Abandoned Altars at HFM East and Dark Forest
Small Oculus Eye Electrical Fury 5