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Cloaks are a category of items. Cloaks confer various bonuses to the hero.

Standard cloaks[]

Cloak Class Effects Acquisition
Farmer's Cloak All Classes RNG +2, DOD +2, H2H +2, PAR +2 Foul Play (quest in Venn's Spire)
Forest Cloak All except Cultist Camouflage Fertile Plains
Protective Cloak All Classes MGR +5 Fertile Plains
Sneaky Reinforced Cloak All except Spellcaster, Monk Armor +1, Artifice +10 Sunken City

Class-specific cloaks[]

The following cloaks are found at the Ruins of Thallis. They are part of the Thallis items for their respective class.

Cloak Class Effects
Heroic Cloak Warrior Shield of Light, Armor +2
Sneaky Cloak of Greed Rogue Artifice +10, Armor +2, Luck +5, Magic Resist +5
Cloak of Avoidance Adept Parry +15
Wild Cloak Barbarian Parry +10, Dodge +10, Hand-to-hand +10, Magic Resist +10, Invisibility (45)
Varg Cloak Cultist Vitality +1, Armor +1, Stealth, Artifice +5
Cloak of the Sturdy Dwarf Armor +3
Lucky Reinforced Cloak Gnome Luck +10, Armor +1.
Healer's Cloak Healer Parry +10, MGR +10, Armor +1
Cloak of the Archer Ranger Attack Multiple Foes +10, Damage +1, Artifice -5
Cloak of the Mind Monk Willpower +8
Cloak of Holy Defense Paladin Armor +3, Parry +5
Cloak of Dread Priestess Int +8, Armor +1
Reinforced Cloak of the Forest Elf Artifice +12, Armor +1, Magic Resist +5, Camouflage
Cloak of Flames Solarus FireBall, Armor +1, Intelligence +4, Hand-to-hand +10
Spiked Cloak Warrior of Discord Damage +1, Critical Hit +2, Parry -5, Dodge -5
Cloak of the Mage Wizard Intelligence +4, Armor +2