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Enlist at the East Cheswick Outpost is a quest that requires completion of other quests, as well as additional objectives.

Obtaining the quest[]

To obtain the quest, visit the Embassy in East Cheswick.


In order to complete the quest, you must complete the following quests:

Additionally, the following objectives must also be completed:

  • Discover the secret artifact which was being researched by a Wizard who was recently lost in the Dark Forest.
  • Harness the hidden power source that lies fortified within the Dark Forest.
    • This objective requires you to gain one of the Dark Forest Auras by either helping or defeating the Paladin and Monks at their Keep inside the Dark Forest.
  • Find the cause for the mysterious appearance of lizard-like man-creatures in the Dark Forest
    • This objective requires you to defeat the Flesh Hunters at the Chalice-like Structure inside the Dark Forest. Going through the Portal is not required.
  • Confront a group of Barbarians in the Dark Forest who are denying passage across the Hellfire Bridge.
    • This objective requires you to defeat Brothers Brashnard at their Bridge. Travelling across the bridge is not required.

After all of the above quests and objectives are have been completed, return to the Embassy in East Cheswick to receive the your reward.


  • Ring Amulet
  • Eligibility to become a member of the East Cheswick outpost, if a spot is open.