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The Fertile Plains

The Fertile Plains is a region in Ardania for heroes to explore once they have purchased the map to the area from the Map Maker in Mayhew. The plains are a little bit more difficult than the Central Plains, but contains several valuable items. The Fertile Plains lead towards East Cheswick and the Dark Forest.


The over-sized flora of the Fertile Plains seems to attract creatures that are more dangerous than what is found in the neighbouring Central Plains. Many have taken up residence in the ancient ruins that are scattered and hidden in the region's huge vegetation.


*These monsters appear only in special encounters

Normal encounters[]

Special encounters[]

Caravan needs Escorting

Goblin Fortress

  • Rock Golem encounter: Leads to a battle with two Rock Golems, but gives no special reward.

Ruined Altar

Ruined Shrine

Routes and Sub-locations[]