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Followers are humanoids or creatures that accompany heroes as combat support.


Followers can be hired or obtained through other means. Each hero can have a maximum of 6 hired followers. Additionally, heroes may also acquire, as followers, skeletons animated at the Temple to Krypta, charmed creatures (Priestesses and Cultists only), as well as followers obtained via items that cast summoning spells. Heroes that can access the Temple to Krypta may have up to 9 followers, while Priestesses and Cultists can have up to 12 followers, through the use of their charm spells.

Like heroes, followers gain experience in combat. Followers gain experience only if they inflict some amount of damage to enemies in combat. The amount of experience that they gain depends on the amount of damage inflicted in combat. Some followers can upgrade into another type after attaining sufficient experience. Since experience is shared between all members in the hero's party based on the amount of damage inflicted, heroes who fight in combat with followers may have their own experience gain reduced.

Followers can be utilized to support the hero in combat, particularly in the early stages of the game. However, followers do not keep up with the combat ability of monsters past the early stages. For purposes of the combat system, followers have the same set of attributes as enemies. Another function of followers is to increase a hero's total weight capacity. The amount of weight capacity that is added depends on the follower's strength, which is combined with the hero's strength and the strength of any other followers to determine the hero's total weight capacity.

Followers who have died can be revived either at the Temple to Agrela or the Temple to Krypta. Dead followers do not "take up" gained xp from the hero, nor do they affect combat or contribute to weight capacity in any way. Barbarians are unable to revive followers since they have no access to either of the aforementioned temples.

Human followers[]

The basic Fighter, Archer, and Hooligan followers can be hired at the Fighters, Rangers, or Rogue guilds in Valmorgen. The remaining followers can be hired at the Mercenary Guild in Mayhew. The followers listed below will upgrade through the line. For example, a Fighter will upgrade to Veteran Fighter, and eventually to Elite Fighter, upon gaining the requisite experience.

Fighter line[]

Veteran Fighter

Archer line[]


Hooligan line[]


Hedge Wizard line[]

Hedge Wizard

Bondsman line[]


Human followers stats[]

Name Cost HP STR H2H RAN MGR Damage Dodge Parry ARM Abilities / Spells
Fighter line
Fighter 300* 25 18 50 0 0 6-16 25 35 4
Veteran Fighter 700 40 20 60 0 0 8-20 30 45 5
Elite Fighter 1000 60 22 75 0 0 10-24 35 55 6
Archer line
Archer 250* 20 14 0 40 0 2-10 30 20 1
Longbowman 600 30 15 0 50 0 6-14 35 25 2
Marksman 850 40 16 0 60 0 8-18 40 30 3
Hooligan line
Hooligan 100* 20 10 10 0 0 3-7 12 10 2 Deserter (10)
Thug 300 30 12 12 0 0 5-10 13 12 4 Deserter (20)
Ruffian 550 40 15 15 0 0 5-15 15 15 5 Deserter (30)
Hedge Wizard line
Hedge Wizard 750 10 3 20 0 30 3-6 25 15 1 Deserter (15) / Energy Blast
Shaman 1100 16 4 25 0 40 4-8 30 20 1 Deserter (20) / Energy Blast, Fire Shield
Bondsman line
Bondsman 600 80 12 45 0 20 6-12 45 55 7
Oathman 800 100 12 45 0 30 6-12 55 65 9

*Recruitment costs listed above are for recruiting from Valmorgen. Costs are higher in Mayhew.

Creature followers[]

Creature followers available to most or all classes[]

Creature followers available to Priestess[]

Priestesses may summon skeletons at any time using the Animate Skeleton spell. Additionally, the Priestess' Control Undead spell can be used to charm the following creatures. Creatures marked by an asterisk (*) cannot be charmed, but can be upgraded from a charmed creature.

Creature followers available to Cultist[]

The Cultist's Control Undead spell can be used to charm the following creatures. Creatures marked by an asterisk (*) cannot be charmed, but can be upgraded from a charmed creature.

Special followers[]