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The Graveyard.

The Graveyard can be found by exploring the Central Plains. The Graveyard contains the entrance to the Catacombs which can be found by exploring the graveyard. As the name implies, the Graveyard contains skeletons and other undead creatures, but in rather small numbers compared to those of the Catacombs and the Buried Cathedral.


The Valmorgen graveyard seems to be a never-ending sprawl of tombstones and crypts. Most people avoid this place since it is the spawning grounds for skeletons and zombies, but more powerful undead have been known to lurk here. Oddly enough, no matter what time of the day anyone leaves for this place, they can never seem to get here before nightfall...


Tombstone Inscriptions[]

The Graveyard contains a number of inscriptions, such as:

A brave paladin was Angela the Just;
She fought a Troll and she bit the dust.
A part of the earth was TrailBlazer the Solemn;
After being pounded to death by a rampaging Rock Golem.
Here lies SwiftWind, a servant of Lunord;
Until a horde of minotaurs had him gored.
Here lies Raging Urgat;
Whose favourite line was, "What are you staring at?"

Special encounters[]

  • Crazy Myron. Players can find Myron when exploring the graveyard. From Myron, players may purchase Holy Water which aids them against the dust in the Catacombs.

Items to be Found[]