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Grov-Urtat is a city at the far end of the Northern Pass of the Hellfire Mountains. The city is closed to visitors. The only available sublocation is gnomish Shanty Town. It is assumed that this is the site of a dwarven traitor quest that has been in development.


As you follow the narrow road off the mountain passes, you can see defensive emplacements, carved high into the canyon walls around you, make the approaches virtually unassailable. Heading down from the escarpments into the northernmost tip of the valley of Gur-Mechina, a looming granite bluff, leagues long by the looks of it, comes into view- the great Dwarven city of Grov-Urtat.

The city is built into and from the looming cliffs and atop the crowning mesa of it's summit, rank upon rank of squat towers and crowding abutments clutching the precipice like barnacles, with window-slits to let in light. The streets and thoroughfares must be carved within the mass of the mountain itself. It's quite impressive, in a grim sort sort way.

The only entrance you can see is an immense gate at the head of a series of winding switchbacks painstakingly carved into the cliffs, and a deep ravine or gorge serves as a motte to bolster the already formidable defences. You see a protruding tongue of carved rock partially bridges the chasm, with a drawbridge to complete the gap. The drawbridge is raised at the moment, but a shanty town has sprung up around the feet of the bluff, with smoke rising from a several small chimneys. You wonder who could live there...

Shanty Town[]

Shanty Town

As you enter the town you notice how poor it looks in comparison with the splendor of Grov-Urtat. The town may be small, but many buildings are densely packed into this place. You can see a multitude of gnome shacks all made out of various pieces of wood and metal. In a few places there are brick houses with chimneys that look like they were made by human traders. There are a handful of human traders who appear to be well-acquainted with this town and its inhabitants, but they are all pre-occupied. The gnomish residents are almost all in a constant frenzy of activity, but are doing their tasks in menacing silence. However, there are a few gnomes who are not busy and look like they could be helpful.

The Shanty Town is the main city hub of Grov-Urtat and includes the following features:

Helpful Gnome[]

Introduces you to the area, much like Barmaid in the Elven Valley. Chatting with the gnome unlocks the Gnome Shoppe.

Gnome Shoppe[]

Sells some items and schematics. Buys also some type of items (for standard prices).

Guard Post[]

A heap of junk claiming to guard Grov-Urtat's gates. Chatting with the guardian gnome reveals another sublocation, Krypta's Kitchen.

Krypta's Kitchen[]

Krypta's Kitchen

Krypta's Kitchen is an explorable location accessed from the Shanty Town.

You arrive at the terminus of a narrow pass in the mountains. Scattered around the area you see the debris of countless battles, both recent and ancient. The faint sound of drums echo ominously from the mountains above.



Rock-hurling giants

  • Can sometimes find lower value Junk or a bit of gold.
  • Dwarven Trap, losing turns. Though it seems that high ART helps to avoid these traps.
  • Rock-hurling giants, losing health.

Exit routes[]

  • Northern Pass (0 turns, under the "Travel to Traveller's Dell" name)