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Headgear refers to items equipped in the helm slot. Headgear provide a variety of stats bonuses to the bearer. Most headgear gives minor bonuses, while some higher tier items provides significant advantages. Most headgear can be sold to any Blacksmith, as well as the Wizard Tower.

Standard headgear[]

§ indicates that the item is socketable

Headgear Class ARM Effects Acquisition

(see individual item pages for all locations)

Bandanna of Frost All except Healer, Paladin, Priestess, Wizard 0 Frost Field Buried Cathedral, HFM South, Ratman Battleground
Bandanna of Thought Stimulation All 0 INT +4 Catacombs (Large Tomb), Darkmoor Swamp, Fertile Plains (Ruined Altar), Goblin Territory (Goblin Mound)
Battered Crown All 0 Parry +10 Darkmoor Swamp (Small ship), Buried Cathedral, Ratman Battleground (Large Fortification)
Dwarven Headband (item) §3 Barbarian, Healer, Monk, Priestess, Wizard 0 Dark Forest (Abandoned Altar, Daemonwood Grove, Brashnard Ruins), Ratman Battleground (Large Fortification)
Headband of Prescience All 0 Speed +2 Catacombs (Tombs), Darkmoor Swamp (Hermit)
Iron Skull Cap Chain Mail classes, Warrior of Discord, Gnome 1 Catacombs (Tomb), Darkmoor Swamp (Small Ship), Ratman Battleground (Small Fortification)
Skullcap of Self-Improvement Dwarf, Elf, Paladin, Solarus, Warrior, Warrior of Discord 1 +1 to STR, VIT, INT, WIL, and ART Nomad's Outpost, Thallis (Mausoleum)
Steel Full Helm Dwarf, Warrior, Paladin 2 ART -5 Catacombs (Tomb), Darkmoor Swamp (Small Ship)

Totemic Masks[]

Headgear Class ARM Effects Acquisition
Totemic Mask of Air Barbarian, Cultist, Ranger 0 ART +5 Treldan Wood (Drums)
Totemic Mask of Earth 0 Armor +2
Totemic Mask of Fire 0 Damage +2
Totemic Mask of Water 0 INT +4

Headgear crafted using schematics[]

Headgear Class ARM Effects Acquisition
Circlet of Lycanthropy All except Barbarian and Solarus 0 +15 to H2H, Ranged, Parry and Dodge, Werewolf Form Schematic from Wizard Tower: Lunas Staff, Werewolf Potion, Silver Band
True Werewolf Circlet All except Barbarian and Solarus 1 15 to H2H, Ranged, Parry and Dodge, Werewolf Form, MGR +10 Upgraded at the Imp's Workshop; requires: Cloth of Werewolf Fur, Dust of a Dark Phantom
Helm of Terror Warrior of Discord 1 Damage +2, MGR +10, Death Cry Schematic from Abandoned Library: Mystic Leather Helm, Large Oculus Eye, Splinter of Transfixion
Helm of Horror Warrior of Discord 2 Damage +3, MGR +15, Parry +10, H2H +10, Death Cry Upgraded at the Imp's Workshop: Dark Wizard's Crystal Ball, Flesh Hunter Fang

Mystic items[]

Mystic items serve as ingredients for certain class-specific schematics.

Headgear Class ARM Effects Acquisition
Mystic Leather Helm Warrior of Discord 1 (none) HFM West (Ruins)

Headgear from the Ruins of Thallis and Krolm's Anvil[]

Headgear Class ARM Effects Acquisition
Adult Dwarven Headband §5 Dwarf 0 Parry +5, Dodge +5, Hand-to-hand +5 Ruins of Thallis
Helm of the Sun Solarus 2 INT +8, Parry +10, H2H +10
Mithril Helm Warrior 4 Parry +10, Dodge +10
Ritual Mask Barbarian 0 Damage +3, Double Attack +15, Attack Multiple Foes +10
Helm of Displacement All 2 Teleport (Short), Wind Storm, Parry -10, Magic Resist -5 Krolm's Anvil