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Healing aids are a category of consumable items used to restore health during or outside of combat.

In order for healing aids to be used during combat, they must be placed in one of the readied-items slots. During combat, healing aids are automatically consumed if the hero's HP drops below the threshold noted by the "Use healing aid when HPs are equal or below" setting.

List of healing aids[]

Name Cost HP Healed HP per Gold Acquisition
Health Grubs 4 5 1.25 Gnome Hovels in Valmorgen and Lormidia
Healing Potion 25 30 1.20 Marketplace
Rejuvenation Tonic 150 100 0.666 Marketplace
Elixir of Health 300 or 480 150 0.5 or 0.31 Marketplace (300 gold) or Nomad's Outpost (480 or 300 gold).
Total Restoration Tincture 1500 or 2400 9999 Ezzina's Elixir Expo (1500), Nomad's Outpost (2400 or 1500 gold).