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This page contains the editing guidelines of this wiki.


  • Content should be written in an encyclopedic tone. Descriptions should be clear and precise. Colloquialisms, slang, and other informal styles are not acceptable.
  • This wiki generally follows the Wikipedia Manual of Style. Where there is a conflict between the guidelines of this wiki and the Wikipedia Manual of Style, local guidelines supersede those of Wikipedia.
  • In particular, the following parts of the Wikipedia Manual of Style are followed on this wiki:
    • Image captions that are not complete sentences but merely sentence fragments should not end with a period.
    • Section titles and page titles should be in sentence case (i.e., the first word is capitalized, but the remaining words are not capitalized unless they are proper nouns), instead of title case. For example, an appropriate section heading would be "See also" rather than than "See Also."
  • Game-specific words should mirror in-game spelling, even in cases when it is incorrect.
  • While many fan wikis write articles in an "in-universe" style, such a style is generally not used on this wiki because this wiki predominantly consist of gameplay information rather than story/lore content, and Heroes of Ardania is an open-ended game that does not have a canonical storyline.


  • In order to minimize the number of categories to which an article belongs, when a parent category has a sub-category, articles that are categorized in the sub-category should not be also categorized in the parent category.
    • For example, "Category: Items" includes "Category: Armor" as a subcategory. Thus, an armor item should be categorized under "Category: Armor" only, and not under both "Category: Armor" and "Category: Items."
  • Overview pages for topics in a sub-category should be categorized under the sub-category. For example, the overview page Armor should be categorized under Category: Armor instead of Category: Items.

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