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This page documents the migration of the HoA wiki project to Fandom in 2021.


Front page of the previous edition of the wiki on majestypalace.com

The HoA wiki project was previously a MediaWiki-powered wiki hosted on majestypalace.com. Majestypalace.com, which was a fan site for the Majesty series, became the webhost for the wiki project in January 2007. Many years later, in August 2021, majestypalace.com site owner Veneficus founded the current Fandom edition of the wiki in order to provide a more permanent home for the wiki project, as well as to take advantage of the features of the Fandom platform.

The new Fandom edition of the wiki was then built from content migrated from the wiki on majestypalace.com. On November 11, 2021, an announcement was made on the previous wiki and the in-game forums notifying that the migration process was complete, and that the Fandom edition has superseded the previous wiki. The entire majestypalace.com site closed on March 31, 2022.

The migration not only carried over the existing content of the previous wiki, but also implemented many changes and refinements to the wiki's content and organization. Changes from the previous edition of the wiki are summarized below.

Changes to the wiki[]

  • Category pages are no longer used as overview articles. Category pages now function solely as directories. Where there is a corresponding overview article, the overview article is now linked to at the top of the category page.
  • The category hierarchy was revised. For example, the "basics" category was separated into two separate categories: gameplay and setting and lore.
  • The organization of items pages has been revised for consistency with the classifications used in-game. In particular, weapons is now a sub-section of Items. The "consumables" category has been split to multiple sub-sections, including healing aids, charged, and potions.
  • The "monsters" section has been renamed to bestiary, to avoid using this term to refer to both the "monster" type of creatures and all bestiary creatures in general.
  • All creatures in the bestiary now have their individual pages. This change facilitates linking to individual creature types from location pages. The layout of creature pages has been designed such that user-estimated stats are now more clearly distinguished from stats that are explicitly listed in-game.
  • All spells, all attributes, and most abilities are now described by their own in-depth pages. This facilitates direct linking from other pages (without reliance on redirects or links to individual section of a large article), and allows for a more in-depth treatment of the individual topics. Besides facilitating linking, the use of individual pages for creatures, spells, attributes, and abilities has the additional benefit of enabling the "What Links Here" to cross-references. For example, a page for an individual spell allow all creatures and items that use or grant the spell to be tracked under the "What Links Here" list, which, in this situation, will reveal all monster and item pages that link to that spell page.
  • In addition to the new, individual articles for creatures, spells, attributes, and abilities, various new articles were written to fill in gaps. Examples of new articles include articles on the combat system and the game interface.
  • Many existing articles were updated to remove outdated or incorrect information.
  • Many links have been revised to avoid unnecessary use of redirects. For example, redirects from misspelled variations of article titles have been removed.
  • A content policy and editing guidelines were created.

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