Heroes of Ardania Wiki

Items can be bought, found, looted from monsters, be won as a part of a quest, or obtained in other ways. Items play a key role in enhancing a hero's stats and combat capabilities.


Most items are equipped for use in combat in one of the many item-slots, while others can be selected as "readied" items. Certain items, such as healing aids, can also be manually consumed. Items that are part of the game's inventory system can be sold at the blacksmith, marketplace, gnome hovel, or other vendor location. Some items can be sold to more than one shop, but different shops may offer different prices for the same item.

Items by type[]

Icon weapon.gif Weapons
Icon armor.gif Armor
Icon cloak.gif Cloaks
Icon shield.gif Shields
Icon headgear.gif Headgear
Icon belt.gif Belts
Icon boots.gif Footwear
Icon gloves.gif Gloves
Icon armband.gif Armbands
Icon necklace.gif Necklaces
Icon ring.gif Rings
Icon accessory.gif Accessories
Icon healingaid.gif Healing aids
Icon wand.gif Charged
Icon poison.gif Poison
Icon artifact.gif Artifacts

Item lists[]

Items by class[]

Icon-adept.gif Adept
Icon-barbarian.gif Barbarian
Icon-cultist.gif Cultist
Icon-dwarf.gif Dwarf
Icon-elf.gif Elf
Icon-gnome.gif Gnome
Icon-healer-f.gif Healer
Icon-monk.gif Monk
Icon-paladin-f.gif Paladin
Icon-priestess.gif Priestess
Icon-ranger.gif Ranger
Icon-rogue.gif Rogue
Icon-solarus-f.gif Solarus
Icon-warrior.gif Warrior
Icon-wod.gif Warrior of Discord
Icon-wizard.gif Wizard

See also[]

  • Quest items – Quest items are not part of the inventory system but are instead viewed in the journal. Quest items may only be used as part of a quest and may not be discarded.