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Map of Ardania as depicted in Heroes of Ardania

Heroes of Ardania features various locations in Ardania. This page provides an overview of these locations.


Valmorgen is the starting location. This city contains some of the most important buildings in the game, such as the blacksmith, wizards guild, and temples to all the gods. For new heroes, the sewers will be their first place to earn experience in combat. Heroes will be returning to Valmorgen from time to time to purchase items, obtain enchantments, or participate in the fairgrounds.

Notable services locations

Notable explorable locations

  • Sewers: The most basic explorable location in Ardania. New heroes will come here to earn experience to level up.
  • Secret tunnel network: The Sewers are the start of a series of sewers and tunnels, that may even lead to Mayhew.
  • City Patrol.

Exit routes (Initially not available, see Venn's Spire)

Venn's Spire[]

Venn's Spire is in close proximity to the city of Valmorgen, yet the only way to access it is by teleportation from the Valmorgen's Wizards Guild. This location is accessible only with the Trial of Venn's Spire quest, which provides one of two ways to leave Valmorgen.

Notable service locations

Notable explorable locations

  • Nearby Farmlands: a place that peasants had to flee from due to several monster raids.
  • Venn's Spire Surrounding Lands: a place where one would find items required for the The Trial of Venn's Spire.
  • Inside Venn's Spire: the place of imprisonment of a powerful wizard.

Exit routes

  • Valmorgen: Only upon the completion of the quest.

Central Plains[]

Heroes may access the Central Plains after purchasing a map from the Mayhew Map Maker, or by completing The Trial of Venn's Spire. Each of the locations listed below can be found by exploring the Central Plains. The map for Central Plains can be found for 600 gold at the Mayhew Map Maker, or is given freely after completing The Trial of Venn's Spire.

Notable services locations

  • Howling Moon Varg Farm (purchase Varg followers)
  • Heroes Rest Inn (train craftsmanship, to 20%): The map for Heroes Rest Inn is 100 gold and can be found at the Mayhew Map Maker after buying the Central Plains map. If you decide not to buy the map you have to find the location instead.

Explorable locations

  • Graveyard: Gateway to the catacombs. The graveyard contains small groups of basic undead foes such as skeletons and vampires.
  • Catacombs: Contains tombs with special items. The entry to the catacombs can be unlocked (permanently) by exploring the graveyard.
  • Buried Cathedral: Entry to the Buried Cathedral is found randomly by exploring the catacombs. The Buried Cathedral Contains vaults of high amounts of gold, high level weapons and armor, and beard rings. Can open a chest to be teleported to the Leprechaun Valley.
  • Fertile Plains: The map to the Fertile Plains may be purchased from the Map Maker in Mayhew for 1500 gold and can only be obtained if you already own the Central Plains map.

Sovereign Road[]

Heroes arriving from Valmorgen to Mayhew will first pass through the Sovereign Road linking the two cities. No map is required for the Sovereign Road. The road can first be accessed from the Central Plains or from Mayhew.

  • Goblin Territory. From the Sovereign Road, heroes may venture into the Goblin Territory. Only Rangers will be able to freely leave the Goblin Territory without finding an escort or searching for the proper exit path.

Treldan Wood[]

Treldan Wood contains two important locations: Lichfield Hollow and Darkmoor Swamp, both found by exploring the area. Darkmoor Swamp contains powerful creatures. The woods, themselves, however, are a natural place for bow-armed heroes to explore, and find a few beneficial items. The map for Treldan Wood is 800 gold and can be found at the Mayhew Map Maker, or is given for free when completing The Trial of Venn's Spire.


  • Lichfield Hollow contains three notable locations. The socket carver sockets armor, weapons, armbands, gloves and several other items, necessary for heroes to use basic schematics and the Socketing Manual. The alchemist offers to create special items once provided with gold and necessary ingredients. The fur trader accepts Alpha Lion and Bloodbear skins for gold.

Explorable locations

  • Darkmoor Swamp: The Swamp contains unique items and a host of powerful monsters, notably the Bog Golem. Most heroes must explore to find an exit from the swamp or an entry into the Sunken City. Rangers may leave the swamp at will.
  • Sunken City: The ruins of the sunken city is one of the most dangerous places to venture in Ardania. Heroes venturing here will encounter Flesh Hunters. A few unique items can be found here.


Mayhew is likely the second city that a hero visits. However, unlike Valmorgen, venturing heroes will find the lively trade groups to be the source of employment.

Notable services locations

  • Merchants Guild HQ: Heroes looking for employment by Mayhew merchants may look here.
  • Merchants Offices: Seeks Heroes looking for employment. You can start the Caravan Escort quest here. Note you can only accept the journeys to Lichfield Hollow and Traveller's Dell once you already visited these places once.
  • Elven Bungalow: Heroes may find employment from the Elves in Mayhew.
  • Goblin Ghetto: Heroes who have established a connection with the Goblins may access the Goblin Shop, containing alternative weapons that may be purchased.
  • Temples to Agrela, Dauros, Lunord
  • Meditation Room to train Willpower to 12.
  • Other Locations: Marketplace, Mayhew Gambling Hall, Mayhew Keep, Howling Cultist Inn, Theatre, Elven Lounge, Mercenaries Guild

Exit routes


Lormidia is the magic and eastern capital of Ardania. Lormidia specializes in magic-related services and is the gateway for heroes traveling to the Hellfire Mountains.

Notable Locations in Lormidia

Explorable Locations in Lormidia

Exit Routes

Fertile Plains[]

Heroes will be able to access the Fertile Plains from the Central Plains once they purchased a map from the Map Maker. The Heroes will have access to East Cheswick from here. The Wizard Tower (gateway to the Dark Forest) will become accessible once the rumor of its existence is acquired from East Cheswick's Blaze of Glory Tavern. The Fertile Plains contains a number of special events and encounters that will lead to acquisition of unique items.

Exit routes

East Cheswick[]

East Cheswick can be found when travelling from the Fertile Plains. Heroes can attempt to do some guard work similar to City Patrol offered in Valmorgen (although with a variety of difficulties), or find themselves the route into the Dark Forest.

Notable services locations

  • Various Guardhouses: Sign up for guard duty in these.
  • Shops for basic items: Blacksmith (Weapons, Armors), Marketplace
  • Shrine to Helia
  • Gymnasium to train Strength to 12.
  • Other Locations: Outpost, Royal Gardens, Morning Sun Inn, Blaze of Glory Tavern, Embassy.

Battle of the polains

  • A very hard battle a hero can do once per Dark Moon.

Exit routes

The Dark Forest[]

The Dark Forest is lying besides the Fertile Plains, but can only be accessed through the Wizard Tower. The Dark Forest features a few unique items, schematics and weaponry not found anywhere else in the game. Due to its difficulty, it is not advised for lower leveled heroes.

Explorable locations

Hellfire Mountains[]

The Hellfire Mountains contains a lot of mid-level items and monsters, and is the location where most ingredients for the schematics (excluding the Splinters) can be found. Heroes traveling to the Hellfire Mountains should expect difficulty in traveling through the area. At the center of the mountains is Traveller's Dell, an important trade village containing valuable items, including maps to the four regions of the mountains. Maps are required for heroes to (directly travel) to those regions. Four passes extend out of Traveler's Dell. Maps necessary to travel these passes are available at Lormidia's Farseer.

Mountain passes out of Traveler's Dell

  • Southern Pass to Lormidia
  • Western Pass to the Valley of Gur-Mechina: The Valley of Gur-Mechina contains only undead enemies. Traveler's are advised to be aware of the Vampire Queen, the most dangerous inhabitant of this area.
  • Northern Pass to Grov-Urtat: Can be traveled but the destination has not been completed.
  • Eastern Pass to the Desolate Wastelands: The Desolate Wastelands is the non-undead counterpart to Gur-Mechina, and lead to the game's most difficult location so far which should not be entered unless you are very well prepared!

Explorable regions

Elven Valley[]

The Elven Valley is hidden within the Hellfire Mountains. Heroes find this location only by completing an Elven escort mission found at random in any of the four regions of the Hellfire Mountains. The Elven Valley contains a blacksmith with special Elven Spears that are so cool looking you should buy three.

The Elven Valley itself contains items useful for the Valmorgen Schematics and a few, but dangerous foes.

Northeast regions[]

The northeast contains some of the most challenging areas in the game, and is also the setting for late game quests.

  • The Desolate Wastelands is reached by traveling the Eastern Pass. The desolate wastelands itself is by far the easiest, although it features prominently in a few more difficult quests.
    • Imp's Workshop: located on the Wastelands, the Workshop offers services in upgrading equipment.
  • From the wastelands, heroes can also travel to:
    • Ruins of Thallis: A large city ruins with the largest collection of class-unique items found in the game. Lots of adventure, excitement, and opponents are found here.
    • Ruins of Gar Uta: Heroes venturing here will likely find quests to undertake.
  • Krolm's Anvil: Reached from Gar Uta, this region of the map contains some of the most fearsome adversaries in all of Ardania. Heroes venturing here should be prepared.
    • Nomad's Outpost: Once found, heroes might be able to use the outpost to keep themselves supplied in much needed items.