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Lormidia, Gateway to the East and Magical Capital of Ardania!

Lormidia is a city that can be accessed by crossing the ferry from Mayhew. Lormidia is a significant location because it is it is the gateway for heroes travelling to the Hellfire Mountains. In addition, Lormidia contains some of the most important magic-related shops, such as the Magic Bazaar.

City Square[]

  • Citadel of Magic – The seat of governance of Lormidia, headed by a group of wizards. Heroes should seek the Citadel to open a clan in Lormidia.
  • Screaming Heroes Inn – Allows heroes to rest.
  • Blacksmith (the "Steelhound Smithy") – Similar to the blacksmiths of other cities.
  • Marketplace – Similar to the marketplace of other cities.
  • Hall of Champions – Allows the hero to look up hero and clan information, as in the Palace in Valmorgen. The hero may also register for a monster hunt and look at trophies obtained for the completion of such quests.
  • Hourglass-Shaped Building – House for the "Timekeepers". While it would be quite in vain to ask for more turns, there's quite a bit to see in this building, including a Basement. Heroes may approach the wall to view the Ardanian Calendar which may be useful when attempting the Battle of the Plains quest.
  • Dark Alley – Heroes can find access to the sewers upon gathering information from the alley.
  • Lormidia Sewers – The Sewers of Lormidia is large and far more dangerous than the counterpart in Valmorgen. Heroes should be prepared before entering.
  • Rogues Guild – Used to buy poisons and train Artifice

Guild Road[]

Wizard Way[]

Edge of Town[]

  • Wizards Tower – Heroes of level 10 and above may take the quest of ascending the tower.
  • Royal Gardens – Heroes may meditate here to gain a random enchantment.
  • Temple to Krolm – While the temple has historical significance, it functions like every other temple to Krolm.
  • Gnome Hovel – Heroes may find a gnome apprentice seeking help to find a lost item.

Leave City[]