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The Lormidia Sewers

Lormidia Sewers are located in Lormidia. The location is discovered by visiting the Dark Alley after obtaining the Gnome Apprentice's quest. It is also the location where this quest can be completed.

The Lormidia Sewers contain more challenging opponents than those found in sewers in Valmorgen and requires both a Grappling Hook and a Length of Rope in order to return to the surface. Both of these items can be found just by exploring the area. Heroes will gain access to the Ratman Battleground after exploring the sewers.


The ladder down was quite a bit too short, as the strange voice in the alley warned you. You've jumped down from it, and are now without an obvious way back up. The tunnel has slimy tracks all over, but not your usual Ratmen tracks. It's more like...Rust Spitters or something, and some of them bigger than you've ever seen any. This is not going to be nice...


Special encounters[]