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Poison refers to a type of consumable items that provides the ability to poison enemies. During combat, if a poison-equipped hero lands a basic attack (i.e., a non-spell attack that is not parried or dodged) against an opponent, the opponent will be poisoned for 10 combat rounds during which they lose health by a certain amount per combat round. Each successful hit renews the counter. Poison disables the opponent from using abilities that heal or regenerate health. A single dose of poison is applied to the hero's weapon at the start of combat and lasts for the combat's full duration, providing a cheap counter to many opponents' regeneration ability. Heroes and creatures that have Immunity to Poison are immune to poisoning.

List of poisons[]

In order for a poison consumable to be used during combat, it must be placed in one of the readied-items slots. If readied for combat, the poison will be consumed at the start of combat to grant the user a certain amount of poison damage.

Name Damage Acquisition
Giant Spider Venom 1 Treldan Wood
Viper Venom 1 Rogues Guild (20 Gold Valmorgen, 30 Gold Lormidia), Leprechaun Valley
Widow's Brew 2 Rogues Guild (60 Gold Valmorgen, 80 Gold Lormidia), Leprechaun Valley
Strangleweed Spit 3 Rogues Guild (180 Gold Valmorgen, 210 Gold Lormida), Nomad's Outpost (288 or 180 gold)
Green Death Poison 4 Nomad's Outpost (540 gold), Sunken City, created by the Alchemist in Lichfield Hollow from Poisonous Herbs
Refined Spider Venom 5 Created by the Alchemist in Lichfield Hollow from Giant Spider Venom

Poison can be equipped by all classes except the Monk class. Monks can inflict poison only by equipping the Set of Brass Knuckles.

See also[]

  • Poisoned Weapon – Ability that achieves the same effect as poison consumables. The poison damage of consumable poisons and poisoned-effect items (such as the Bracers of Defilement) are not stackable.