Heroes of Ardania Wiki

Potions are consumable items that provide a beneficial effect to the user for a certain duration of turns. Unlike healing aids, poison, and charged combat items, potions are manually consumed outside of combat via the inventory interface.

Potion effects last 10 turns per potion, on average. The turn duration of a particular effect is stackable by consumable additional quantities of the same potion.

List of potions[]

Name Cost Effects Acquisition
Available in Valmorgen
Potion of Goblin Strength 45 Strength +4 Gnome Hovel (Valmorgen and Lormidia), Goblin Shop (in Mayhew)
Potion of Monster Detection 60 or 96 Allows detection of monsters before combat Wizards Guild in any city (60 gold), Nomad's Outpost Shop (60 or 96 Gold)
Available in Lormidia's Magic Bazaar
Regeneration Elixir 350 Regenerate 1 HP per round, does not stack with Champion's Vigor or hero spells Lormidia Magic Bazaar, Nomad's Outpost Shop
Fire Balm 200 +5 Damage for Ranged Weapons
Potion of Dirgo Strength 400 +40 Strength
Shapeshift Tincture 400 Armor +6, Max HP + 35, Strength + 10
Tonic of Speed 400 Winged Feet enchantment (Travel time between locations reduced to 1/3, rounded down, Double Attack +20))
Merlan's potions*
Minotaur Potion 800 Strength +10, Vitality +2, H2H +10, Armor +5 HP +40 Wizard Tower, Nomad's Outpost Shop
Medusa Potion 800 or 1280 Int +20, Parry +20, MGR +50, HP +45
Dryad Potion 800 or 1280 Artifice +20, Ranged +20, Dodge +35, Parry +30, MGR +30
Werewolf Potion 500 Strength +12, Armor +1, dodge/Parry -5, Regeneration(2)(Stacks with other regen) Wizard Tower only

*The potion effects of Merlan's Tower potions are mutually mutually-exclusive with one another, and are also mutually-exclusive with the effect of the Shapeshift Tincture. If one effect is currently active, consuming a potion with a mutually-exclusive effect will cancel the original effect.