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The Ruins of Thallis

The Ruins of Thallis can be reached from the Desolate Wastelands via the Eastern Pass. This location is notable for its involvement in late game quests, as well as its Thallis items for all hero classes.


You have arrived at the Ruins of Thallis, the human city allied with Helia during the Six Winters War, although there is still a presence of Lunord here as well as all the non-human races. This city used to be huge, easily a dozen times the size of Valmorgen. You wonder why all the buildings from a long-lost civilization still look in such a good condition. Something is not quite right in this huge ghost town.

Graveyard of Thallis

Thallis Sewers

Palace of Thallis


Normal encounters[]

Special encounters[]

Thallis item lairs[]

The following "lairs" are guarded by packs of 3-7 of their associated heroes (see: Winning difficult fights for strategies) and contains Thallis items for their associated classes. These lairs are styled with the label "remains of."

Other buildings[]

Unless otherwise noted, these encounters involve a group of heroes in numbers from three to six. In some encounters you have to fight mixed groups, like a few Wizards and Gnome Champions. These buildings are either styled with the label "remains of" or "abandoned."

Quest-only encounters[]


The following sub-locations are found randomly as random events. The locations play a role in the quests in this region.

Graveyard of Thallis[]

Thallis Sewers[]

Palace of Thallis[]

  • Angry Heroes - lose 2 turns
  • Secret Vault - after a battle with 3-7 different Thallis Heroes you'll find nice amount of gold.
  • Contains the throne room of the Thallis Sovereign, who is part of the "Thallis Fairgrounds" quest. Guarded by 2 lines of different Thallis Heroes.