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Schematics is a feature that allows players to craft new items, or embed certain items into other items. Basic schematics can be obtained from the Valmorgen Library, while more advanced ones can be obtained from other locations.


At least 1 point in the craftsmanship ability is required before schematics can be purchased. Schematics that have been purchased (or otherwise obtained) are accessed through the Schematics section of the Journal interface. Schematics can be utilized in one of two ways - crafting new items from a combination of ingredients, and embedding certain stat-boosting items into other items that have been socketed.

Creating new items[]

Once you have the necessary ingredients (specified in the Schematic description) and the schematic itself, combining the ingredients will result in a new item in your inventory. The ingredients will be removed upon a successful or unsuccessful combination. You'll receive 10XP for each difficulty level with a successful completion, with a chance of receiving a free point of craftmanship.

Socketing and embedding[]

Socketing an item allows you to embed Beard Rings or other eligible stat-boosting items into it, allowing for the creation of customized items. For instance, you could create an item with bonuses to Willpower solely for use when praying at a temple.

To socket an item, visit the Socket Carver in Lichfield Hollow. Each socketed item will be marked in your inventory as such, and can hold up to one, two, or three embeddable items. The number of items that have been embedded is also shown in the item's name. For instance, Socketed (1/3) Longbow +3 indicates that one item has been embedded, out of three socket slots.

Embedding a socketed item is performed in the same manner as crafting a new item. That is, open up the corresponding schematic in the schematics section of the journal, and fill in the fields with eligible items. The base item into which additional items are being embedded will be selectable as an ingredient. You'll receive 2XP per difficulty level for each item added by socketing.

Crafting success formula[]

Successful execution of a schematic depends on the craftsmanship ability. Heroes should make sure that their craftsmanship is high enough to guarantee successful use of a schematic, as otherwise, items are reduced to junk upon failure.

Success in using a schematic occurs if

where "Intelligence" is the hero's Intelligence attribute, "Rand(1,20)" is a random number from 1 to 20, and "Difficulty" is the difficulty rating of the schematic. The exception is when the schematic has a difficulty of 0, which results in a 100% chance for success regardless of the other factors. The term (Intelligence / 2) is believed to be rounded down to the nearest integer.

Therefore, success is guaranteed if

Craftsmanship can be trained to 40 at the Dwarven Engineer in the Magic Bazaar in Lormidia. A craftsmanship of 40 enables almost all schematics to be used with a 100% chance of success regardless of intelligence. Alternatively, if a hero does not possess high craftsmanship, the hero can use potions or equipment that can boosts intelligence. For example, the Medusa Potion raises INT by 20 points, equivalent to 10 points in craftsmanship.

Valmorgen Library schematics[]

The following schematics are purchased from the library in Valmorgen.

Schematic Title Class Ingredients Result
Mithril Belt All Classes Socketed Mithril Belt, various Beard Rings Mithril belt with beard ring bonuses
Nevryl Amulet All Classes Socketed Nevryl Amulet, various Beard Rings Nervyl Amulet with beard ring bonuses
Dwarven Headband Barbarian, Healer, Monk, Priestess, Wizard (and Dwarf*) Dwarven Headband, various Beard Rings Dwarven Headband with bonuses
Lucky Item! All Classes Socketed armor/weapons, Emerald Trinket, Emerald Pendant, or Emerald Amulet Item with luck-increasing bonus
Enchanted Armour All Classes Socketed armor, various Beard Rings Armor with beard ring bonuses
Enchanted Weapon schematics (various) All Classes Socketed Weapons (level 4 and lower), various Beard Rings Weapon with beard ring bonuses
Magical Staff Adept, Priestess, Wizard Socketed Staff, various Beard Rings Staff with beard ring bonuses
Class-Specific Items
Shadow Staff Adept, Priestess, Wizard Staff of Spite, Black Claw, Black Stone Shadow Staff
Axe of Discretion Barbarian, Warrior Axe of Death, Carved Tooth, Carved Claw Axe of Discretion
Breechcloth of the Wilds Barbarian, Cultist Mystic Belt, Token of the Forest, Alpha Mountain Lion Pelt Breechcloth of the Wilds
Night Dagger Cultist, Gnome, Healer,

Paladin, Warrior

Holy Dagger, Black Claw, Black Stone Night Dagger
Hammer of Resolve Dwarf Hammer of the Dwarves, Carved Tooth, Carved Claw Hammer of Resolve
Stealth Bow Elf, Ranger Finder Longbow, Black Arrowhead, Black Stone, Black Leaf Stealth Bow
Elven Quiver of Slaying Elf, Rogue, Ranger Mystic Quiver, Silver Griffon Feathers, Silver Varg Teeth Elven Quiver of Slaying
Studded Knuckle Dusters Monk Socketed Studded Knuckle Dusters, various Beard Rings Studded Knuckle Dusters with beard ring bonuses
GreatBlade of Focus Paladin Greatsword of Justice, Carved Tooth, Carved Claw GreatBlade of Focus
Hunter Crossbow Rogue Crossbow of Accuracy, Black Arrowhead, Black Stone, Black Leaf Hunter Crossbow
Flail of Subjection Solarus Flattener, Carved Tooth, Carved Claw Flail of Subjection
Midnight Blade Paladin, Warrior Longsword of Decapitation, Black Claw, Black Stone Midnight Blade
Blades of Fatality Warrior of Discord Random Slayer, Carved Tooth, Carved Claw Blades of Fatality

*The Dwarven Headband schematic is not displayed as being usable by Dwarves. However, Dwarves can be still use it to embed Beard Rings into the Adult Dwarven Headband.

Abandoned Library and Wild Gardens schematics[]

Schematic Title Class Ingredients Result
Class-Specific Items
Tempest Shaft Adept Mystic Staff, Small Oculus Eye, Bellanite Shard Tempest Shaft
Axe of Fury Barbarian Mystic Axe, Splinter of Combustion, Small Oculus Eye Axe of Fury
Baldric of Feathers Cultist Mystic Belt, Silver Griffon Feathers, Shard of Assimilation, Silver Band Baldric of Feathers
Improved Baldric of Feathers Cultist Baldric of Feathers and Carved / Black accessory Baldric of Feathers with Stat Boosts
Golem Sledge Dwarf Mystic Hammer, Golem Fist, Rumble Mitts, Bellanite Shard Golem Sledge
Greatbow of Speed Elf, Ranger Mystic Bow, Splinter of Haste, Neckband of Smiting Greatbow of Speed
Champion Blade Gnome Mystic Dagger, Splinter of Haste, Neckband of Smiting Champion blade
Dagger of Valour Healer Broken Mystic Greatsword, Ring of Might, Plate Armor of Destiny,

either a Greatsword of Justice or Greatsword of Vanquishing

Dagger of Valour
Bracers of Divine Walloping Monk Mystic Bracers, Rumble Mitts, Golem Fist Bracers of Divine Walloping
Blade of Dauros Paladin Mystic Greatsword, Bellanite Shard, Shard of Assimilation Blade of Dauros
Staff of Death Priestess Mystic Staff, Gemstone of Death, Bellanite Shard Staff of Death
Bolt Spitter Rogue Mystic Crossbow, Shard of Assimilation, Splinter of Haste Bolt Spitter
Blazing Mace Solarus Mystic Mace, Splinter of Burning, Bellanite Shard Blazing Mace
Stoneback Shield Warrior Mystic Shield, Jewel of the Gorgon, Shard of Assimilation Stoneback Shield
Helm of Terror Warrior of Discord Mystic Leather Helm, Large Oculus Eye, Splinter of Transfixion Helm of Terror
Teevus Staff Wizard Mystic Staff, Teevus Wand, Bellanite Shard, Splinter of Burning Teevus Staff
Belt of Brawling Melee classes only Ancient Belt of Godly Strength, Amulet of the Berserker,

Goblin Beard Ring

Belt of Brawling
Improved Belt of Brawling Melee classes only Belt of Brawling and a Holster / Sheath Belt of Brawling with additional holster/sheath effects
Belt of Ballistics Elf, Ranger, Rogue Ancient Belt of Godly Finesse, Belt of Balance, Varg Beard Ring Belt of Ballistics
Improved Belt of Ballistics Elf, Ranger, Rogue Belt of Ballistics and a Quiver Belt of Ballistics with bonuses.
Belt of Blasting Priestess, Wizard Ancient Belt of the Godly Mind, Dragon or Skull Beard Ring, Ring of Devastation Belt of Blasting
Improved Belt of Blasting Priestess, Wizard Belt of Blasting, Holster of the Arcanist or Holster of Magic Belt of Blasting with additional effects from a Holster
Ring Amulet All classes Ring Amulet and a Ring Ring Amulet with bonuses from the added ring.
Apprentice Spellbook All except Wizard Splinter of Combustion, Splinter of Burning, Blue Charm, Blank Spellbook Apprentice Spellbook
Socketing Manual All classes Socketable Armbands, Gloves or Footwear with Beard Rings Armbands, Gloves or Footwear with bonuses.
Gate Key* All classes Splinter of Displacement, Dark Bellanite fragment, Nevryl Artifact Gate Key

*The Gate Key Schematic is found in the Wild Gardens Sorcerers Abode exit sequence rather than the Abandoned Library.

Wizard Tower schematics[]

The following schematics are purchased from Merlan's Wizard Tower. The schematics can be purchased after completing Merlan's quest line.

Schematic Title Class Ingredients Result
Silverhide Archer Gloves Cultist, Elf, Ranger, Rogue Silver Varg Gloves, Rumble Mitts, Green Charm Silverhide Archer Gloves
War Gauntlets All classes except the 3 ranged Rumble Mitts, Gloves of Deflection, Green Charm War Gauntlets
Arcane Gloves Priestess, Wizard Rumble Mitts, Spellcasting Gloves, Blue Charm Arcane Gloves
War Chargers All except Elf, Ranger, Rogue, Spellcasters Rumble Mitts, Battle Boots, Green Charm War Chargers
Boots of the Magi Priestess, Wizard Silverhide Boots, Battle Boots, Blue Charm Boots of the Magi
Wolfskin Greaves Cultist, Elf, Ranger, Rogue Silverhide Boots, Battle Boots, Green Charm Wolfskin Greaves
Circlet of Lycanthropy All except Barbarian and Solarus Lunas Staff, Werewolf Potion, Silver Band Circlet of Lycanthropy
Ring of Mighty Devastation All Classes Ring of Might, Ring of Devastation, Dark Band, Splinter of Detonation Ring of Mighty Devastation

Grov-Urtat schematics[]

Schematic Title Class Ingredients Result
Crafting Magnifier All classes Cracked Crystal Ball, Rusted Helmet, Barrel Hoop (junk) Crafting Magnifier
Crafting Caliper All classes Broken Bow, Old Gauntlet, Broken Arrowhead (junk) Crafting Caliper

Other schematics[]

Schematic Title Class Ingredients Result
Desert Artifact All classes 4 Artifact Fragments from the The Desert Artifact quest Desert Artifact holding 50 charges