Heroes of Ardania Wiki

Spells are part of the assets of heroes and foes. Spells have a wide range of effects, such as serving as attacks, increasing defensive attributes of the user, and lowering the attributes of the opponent.

Obtaining spells[]

  • Learned Automatically: Certain hero classes automatically begin with spells, and will automatically learn new spells as they level up.
  • Purchased from the Library: Spells can also be purchased from the library at Valmorgen. An intelligence of 11 or higher is required in order to purchase spells. All heroes can purchase two spells at the library: PowerShock and FlameShield. The Wizard class can purchase additional spells.
  • Enchantments: Enchantments can be obtained by praying at or donating money to Temples. Enchantments can also be obtained by other means, including the consumption of Potions such as the Medusa Potion.
  • Spell-granting items: Certain items grant spells to the hero when equipped. Spells cast in this manner are equivalent to spells that have been learned by the hero, but cannot be disabled.
  • Consumable charged items: Charged items and artifacts can be used to cast a fixed amount of spell charges. Spells cast in this manner do not benefit from the user's intelligence stat.

Spell use[]

The use of an offensive spells is equivalent to an attack. Therefore, only one offensive spell can be used in each combat round. By contrast, non-defensive do not use up the combat turn. For more information, see the main article on the combat system.

The attack resolution of offensive spells is governed by the following rules:

  • Attack Factor = Random(1 to 100) + (Spell Level x 5) + Intelligence (of the Attacker)
  • Defense Factor = 20 + Magic Resist (of the Defender)
  • The spell successfully hits if the "Attack Factor" is greater than the "Defense Factor." Otherwise, the spell is resisted.

Spells can be disabled in the "Spells" interface. Disabling a spell prevents it from being cast. In certain situations, it is beneficial to disable certain spells. For example, a Priestess or Wizard who wishes to engage in melee combat will need to disable Drain Life and Energy Blast, since these spells can be cast every combat round, thereby preventing further actions such as melee attacks.

The damage inflicted by a spell is: (Spell damage) + INT/4 - (Opponent's Armor Enchantment Bonus x 2)

  • Armor Enchantment Bonus is available only to heroes, and not available to creatures and non-hero targets.

Spell attributes[]

  • Spell Level (Level) – The spell level affects the priority of the spell casting and the attack factor listed above.
  • Cooldown (CD) – The number of rounds per cast. For example, a value of 4 means that the spell is cast every four rounds. A value of "1" indicates that the spell may be cast every combat round. The spell's cooldown can also be regarded as its casting interval, since the cooldown value indicates the round-number increment for the next spell cast. A value of "SC" indicates that the spell is single-cast, i.e., it is only cast once in combat, at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Spell Duration (Dur.) – Some spells have effects that last multiple rounds. The length of this effect, if applicable, is indicated in parentheses as the duration of the spell. Spells that are a single attack or a single-round effect do not have a duration, in which case the duration field is marked by a dash (—).
  • Damage/Damage Range – If the spell's base damage is defined as a single value, then that value serves as the "spell damage" in the above calculation. If the spell's base damage is defined as a range, then "spell damage" is determined by computing a random value from 1 to the upper limit of the range; then, if this random value is lower than the lower limit of the range, then the spell damage is set to the lower limit of the range. For example, if the spell's damage range is 10-20 and the roll of random(1 to 20) results in a value of 3, then a damage of 10 will be used.

Spells learned by heroes[]

This category lists all the spells automatically learned by heroes or purchased from the library. Please note that the in-game descriptions do not specify the actual spell damage range and are, in some cases, incorrect.

The spell level is the hero level at which the spell is learned automatically or the level required for purchase from the library. Spells that are purchased from the library are labeled by the term "(from library") in the classes column.

Spell Classes Level CD Dur. Effects
FlameShield.gif FlameShield All (from library) 1 6 4 Armor +4, MGR +20
PowerShock.gif PowerShock All (from library) 1 4 10-20 damage to one random enemy (including those on the back line)
TeleportShort.gif Teleport (Short) Adept 4 SC Instantly escape combat if triggered
Camouflage.gif Camouflage Cultist 4 SC 3 Caster becomes invisible for the first 3 rounds of combat
CharmMonster.gif Charm Monster Cultist 1 4 Converts animals and other monsters into followers
ChangeShape.gif Change Shape Cultist 7 12 6 Armor +6, STR + 10, Max HP +35, HP +35
Heal.gif Heal Healer 1 2 Heals self/follower for 8 x (level) HPs. Heals all HPs after combat. (In-game description fails to mention the level multiplier in the heal amount)
HarmUndead.gif Harm Undead Healer, Paladin 3 6 8-15 damage to up to 7 Lesser Undead or Greater Undead enemies
Meditation.gif Meditation Healer 4 12 10 Dodge +25, Parry +25, Regenerate 1 HP/round
AuraofPeace.gif Aura of Peace Healer 7 12 10 Invisible for 10 turns even when attacking. Cast every 12 turns in combat.
HandsOfSteel.gif Hands of Steel Monk 1 6 6 STR +16, H2H +25
StoneSkin.gif Stone Skin Monk 4 6 6 Armor +8
IronWill.gif Iron Will Monk 7 10 6 MGR +55, Critical Hit % +6, regenerate 1 HP/round
ShieldofLight.gif Shield of Light Paladin 4 4 3 Dodge +10, Parry +10, MGR +15, Armor +4
AnimateSkeleton.gif Animate Skeleton Priestess 1 Creates skeleton follower. Is automatically cast at any turn (if not turned off), if there's according follower vacancy.
DrainLife.gif Drain Life Priestess 1 1 5-15 damage; heal self or undead follower 5 HP
ControlUndead.gif Control Undead Priestess 7 4 Charms almost any Lesser undead as follower
FireHammer.gif Fire Hammer Solarus 3 9 20 invariable damage
SunScorch.gif Sun Scorch Solarus 4 3 5-15 damage to 7 enemies (in-game description incorrectly displays a fixed damage value)
EnergyBlast.gif Energy Blast Wizard 1 1 5-10 damage
FireShield.gif FireShield Wizard 2 6 4 Armor +5, MGR +25
FireBlast.gif FireBlast Wizard (from library) 3 2 10-20 damage to 3 enemies (in-game description is incorrect regarding damage)
Teleport.gif Teleport Wizard 4 6 Instantly escape combat
FireBall.gif FireBall Wizard 5 3 30 invariable damage to target, 2-15 damage to four other enemies.
ResistMagic.gif Resist Magic Wizard 6 8 8 MGR +35
MeteorStorm.gif Meteor Storm Wizard (from library) 7 12 4 5-30 damage to up to 7 enemies (in-game description is incorrect regarding damage)


Can be obtained from according Temples or sometimes from encounters randomly appearing during your travels through some of locations.

  • Type
    • Passive – Always in effect during combat, like self-buff spells that are always on. Each time the enchantment is obtained, 10 turns are given, except for Champion's Vigor, which gives 15 turns.
    • Active – Spells that must be cast individually during combat.
    • Non-combat – Enchantments that only have effects outside of combat.
    • Resurrection – An accumulated resource that is used only when the hero is killed in combat.
  • Cost: The amount of gold that must be donated to the temple, which is equal to "2*piety" needed to receive the enchantment (For example you need 1100 piety in order to receive Blessing).
Name Obtained Type Level CD Dur. Cost Effect
Blessing.gif Blessing Temple to Agrela, Gardens, Springs Passive 4 2200 H2H +10, Ranged +10, Dodge +15, Parry +15
Healing.gif Healing Temple to Agrela, Temple to Fervus, Gardens Non-combat 2 2200
The whole hero's party fully healed after each combat
Resurrection.gif Resurrection Temple to Agrela Resurrection 6 5000 Prevents XP loss during death
StoneSkin.gif Stone Skin Temple to Dauros, Gardens, Springs Passive 2 2400 Armor +6
Vigilance.gif Vigilance Temple to Dauros, Gardens Passive 4 3600 Willpower +10, H2H +10, Ranged +10, Parry +10, Dodge +10, Weapon +6
Petrify.gif Petrify Temple to Dauros Active 5 12 6 or 3 5000 Freezes opponent for 6 rounds in combat (during which the opponent may not parry/dodge attacks). Magic Resistance halves duration to 3 rounds (cannot be initially resisted).
Camouflage.gif Camouflage Blessing Springs Active 4 SC User becomes invisible for the first 3 rounds of combat.
IllusionaryHero.gif Illusionary Hero Temple to Fervus Passive 4 3000 Single physical and magical attacks have a 50% chance to hit your "illusion" instead of you (less chances against multitarget attacks / spells). Won't help against Howl of Discord.
Vines.gif Vines Temple to Fervus Active 5 SC 6 or 3 4000 Binds opponent in place for several rounds. Can be cast once.
Wither.gif Wither Temple to Krypta Active 2 SC Entire 2600 Reduces 1 opponent's Strength by 10 and slows the opponent (prevents the opponent from taking any action) every other round.
Animate Bones Temple to Krypta Non-combat 3600 Permanently summons an upgradable skeleton follower. Not an actual enchantment.
ReAnimate.gif Re-animate Temple to Krypta Resurrection 6 6000 Prevents XP loss during death
FireStrike.gif Fire Strike Temple to Helia Active 3 4 2700 2-15 points of damage to one opponent.
SunScorch.gif Sun Scorch Temple to Helia Active 5 6 4400 Causes 10-28 damage to five enemies.
WingedFeet.gif Winged Feet Temple to Lunord, Gardens, Springs, Tonic of Speed Passive and Non-combat 3 2800 Turn cost for travelling between areas are reduced to 1/3 of original cost (rounded down), also grants 20% Double Attack
WindStorm.gif Wind Storm Temple to Lunord Active 5 SC 6 4000 Causes 10-24 points of damage to up to 5 opponents and may cause slow. Duration 6 rounds.
RageOfKrolm.gif Rage of Krolm Temple to Krolm Passive 5 5000 Str +10, H2H +10, Dodge +10, Parry +10, HP (Cur. & Max) +10, Double Attack ability for entire party
AntiMagicShield.gif Anti-Magic Gardens, Springs Passive 6 MGR +35
ChampionsVigor.gif Champion's Vigor Halls of Champions, such as in Lormidia Passive 10 +15 Max HP & Regeneration (1)
Refreshed.gif Refreshed Outpost Elven Therapist, Elven Spa Passive 3 Free(Outpost), 135(Elven Village) Heals (once) Hero & his party; H2H + 5, Ranged +5, Dodge +5, and Parry +5 (Hero only). Maximum of 20 turns.
Revive2.gif Revive Mausoleum Resurrection 6 3000 + (250 for each level > 8th) Prevents XP loss during death
AuraofPeace.gif Invisibility Abandoned Temple, Springs Active 7 12 10 2 turns + 30000 Caster becomes unseen by enemies for 10 turns, even when attacking. This spell can be cast every 12 turns in combat.

Enchantment effects from consumables[]

Entries marked with * are mutually exclusive from each other. That is, only one of these enchantments can be on at a given time. Also, when one of such item is used, the "Werewolf Form" spell cannot be cast.

Name Consumable Summary
DetectMonster.gif Detect Monster Potion of Monster Detection Allows all non-special-encounter attacks to be detected beforehand
DirgoStrength.gif Dirgo Strength Potion of Dirgo Strength +40 Strength
Dryadpotion.gif Dryad Potion* Dryad Potion Artifice +20, Ranged +20, Dodge +35, Parry +30, MGR +30
FireBlast.gif Fire Balm Fire Balm +5 Damage for Ranged Weapons
Medusapotion.gif Medusa Potion* Medusa Potion Int +20, Parry +20, MGR +50, HP +45
Minotaurpotion.gif Minotaur Potion* Minotaur Potion Strength +10, Vitality +2, H2H +10, Armor +5 HP +40
GoblinStrenth.gif Goblin Strength Potion of Goblin Strength +4 Strength
Resurrection.gif Regeneration Regeneration Elixir Regenerate 1 HP per round, does not stack with Champion's Vigor or hero spells
ChangeShape.gif Shapeshift Tincture* Shapeshift Tincture Armor +6, Max HP + 35, Strength + 10
WerewolfForm.gif Werewolf Potion* Werewolf Potion Strength +12, Armor +1, Dodge & Parry -5, Regeneration (2) (Stacks with other regen)
WingedFeet.gif Winged Feet Tonic of Speed Travel time between locations reduced to 1/3, rounded down; also grants Double Attack +20.

Spells from monsters and items[]

This category lists spells that can be used against you by your foes, or can be gained by items found during adventuring.

The "cooldown" value of the spell describes the spell's cooldown only if there is a single source of the spell. If the spell is derived from a charged item and multiple charged items of this same type are equipped at once, then the spell can cast more frequently than indicated by casting from separate items.

Damage-inflicting offensive spells[]

Name Monster(s) Item(s) Level CD Dur. Effect
Acid Bolt Rust Mistress, Dark Spider, Warlock, Flesh Hunter Shaman Wand of Acid 4 1 10-25 damage to one target
Apocalyptica Flesh Scavenger Shaman Desert Artifact, Restored Desert Artifact, Death Wand 15 12 4 12-38 Damage to up to 5 opponents
Area of Devastation Dark Phantom ? 3 50-80 damage to a group of opponents. Hits invisible targets.
BaleFire Ratapult 7 1 30 damage to one opponent and 2-15 to up to 6 others
Deathblast.gif Deathblast Thallis Priestess Staff of Death, Doom Staff 5 4 2 15-30 damage to up to 7 opponents. Heals for 2 *(number of enemies hit) and adds the same number to Parry/Dodge for 2 rounds.
Electric Frenzy Dark Phantom, Greater Oculus, Storm Giant 9 1 30-80 Damage to one target
Electrical Fury Black Phantom, Evil Oculus Small Oculus Eye 3 1 10-20 damage to one target
ExplodingAuraAlt.gif Exploding Aura Black Phantom Ring of Mighty Devastation, Splinter of Detonation 7 3 15-35 damage to up to 6 opponents and, if cast by a hero, up to 6 members of the hero's party. Hits invisible targets.
Exploding Devastation Claoismas Ornament 7 SC Same as the Exploding Aura but doesn't damage the caster and the caster's followers
FireBall.gif FireBall Flesh Hunter Shaman, Werewolf Mage, Fire Giant Splinter of Combustion, Cloak of Flames 5 3 30 damage to one target and 2-15 damage to four other enemies
FireBlast.gif FireBlast Dragon, Dark Knight, Werewolf Mage, Fire Giant Firebomb, Splinter of Burning, Apprentice Spellbook, Sparkler 3 2 10-20 damage to 3 enemies
FireStrike.gif Fire Strike Fire Giant 3 1 2-15 points of damage to one opponent
Force Warlock Wand of Force 5 3 2-10 damage to up to 7 opponents
FrostField.gif Frost Field Ice Spider Bandanna of Frost 3 4 20-25 damage to one target and freeze it for 2 rounds
Horrify Abomination, Twisted Abomination 7 1 50-80 damage to a single target
Inferno Flesh Scavenger Shaman Jewel of Fiery Doom 3 5 30-40 damage for up to 7 opponents
Insect Swarm Goblin Priest Wand of Insect Plague 1 1 5-10 damage to a single target
Life Leach Vampire, Specter 2 1 10-15 damage to target and adds 8 points to caster
LightningBolt.gif Lightning Bolt Storm Giant Wand of Lightning Bolt 3 3 16-35 damage to a single target
LightningStorm.gif Lightning Storm Storm Giant Tempest Shaft, Shaft of Greater Tempests, Wand of Lightning Storm 5 12 4 8-25 damage to up to 5 opponents
PowerShock.gif PowerShock Greater Werewolf 1 4 10-20 damage to one target
RadiateEnergy.gif Radiate Energy Shade, Warlock, Dark Spider Gemstone of Death 4 2 15-25 damage to up to 8 opponents
Stoneshredder.gif Stone Shredder Amulet of Destruction 4 15 5 5-15 Damage up to 5 non-flying enemies. Extra damage to machines.
Vortex2.gif Vortex Warlock, Dark Spider, Werewolf Mage, Suspicious Traveller Teevus Staff, Cleansed Teevus Staff, Teevus Wand 5 4 2 10-20 damage to up to 5 opponents
WindStorm.gif Wind Storm Storm Giant Helm of Displacement 5 SC 6 10-24 damage to up to 5 opponents and slows some of them for 6 rounds.

Negative-effect offensive spells[]

Name Monster(s) Item(s) Level CD Dur. Effect
DeathCry.gif Death Cry Greater Harpy Robe of the Dead, Helm of Terror, Helm of Horror 4 Once (3x) Entire All Opponents' H2H, Ranged, Dodge and Parry will be reduced by 5 each time their MGR save was failed. Cast 3 times at start of combat.
Drain Gold Leprechaun (Chieftain) 1 1 Steals gold from the target. Amount of gold stolen is equal to the target's level. Magic Resistance has no effect. Success depends on target's luck stat.
Level Leach Vampire Queen 3 3 Drains XP (XP loss per hit is 5% of the class' XP required per level).
Mind Warp Abomination, Twisted Abomination 8 15 2 Causes target to attack itself
Paralytic Gaze Evil Oculus, Shade, Flesh Hunter Shaman, Flesh Scavenger Shaman, Banshee Splinter of Transfixion, Large Oculus Eye, Wand of Paralyzation 5 8 (5) 5 Opponent is paralyzed for 5 combat rounds
Petrify.gif Petrify Greater Gorgon Jewel of the Gorgon 5 12 6 or 3 Freezes opponent for 6 rounds (during which the opponent may not parry or dodge). Magic Resistance halves duration to 3 rounds. Cannot be cast on Dwarves.
Plague Plague Bearer, Rust Mistress, Ratman Shaman 4 SC Entire Reduces Target's Strength by 8, Hand-to-Hand and Ranged Skills by 10.
Smoke Screen Fire Giant Fine Stout Smoking Potato 15? 12 5 Dodge and Parry +1 to +30, or opponent's H2H and Ranged -1 to -30
Terrify Abomination, Twisted Abomination 9 12 1 or 3 Petrifies opponent for 1 or 3 rounds, depending on MGR of the target
Vines.gif Vine Entanglement Strangling Flowerweed, Tanglewood 5 SC 6 or 3 Binds one opponent in place for 6 rounds. Magic Resistance has no effect, but a successful strength check halves the duration to 3 rounds.
Web Entanglement Web Spider 5 SC 6 or 3 Binds one opponent in place for 6 rounds. Magic Resistance has no effect, but a successful strength check halves the duration to 3 rounds.
Wither.gif Wither Shade, Goblin Wight 2 SC Entire Reduces 1 opponent's Strength by 10 and slows the opponent (prevents the opponent from taking any action) every other round.
MassWither.gif Mass Wither Stone of Damnation 9 SC Entire Same as above, but targeted up to 5 opponents.

Non-offensive spells[]

Name Monster(s) Item(s) Level CD Dur. Summary
Anti-Magic Field Storm Giant 10 9 MGR +35 to all allies. Stacks!
(e.g., 4 Storm Giants will add +140 MGR to themselves and all their allies)
AntiMagicShield.gif Anti-Magic Shield Shade, AntiMagic Spider Anti-Magic Gem 6 4 MGR +90
Camouflage.gif Camouflage Camouflaged Hellbear, Thallis Cultist, Giant Slinger Forest Cloak 4 SC 3 Caster becomes unseen by enemies for 3 turns at the beginning of combat.
ChangeShape.gif Change Shape Warlock, Thallis Cultist Shapeshift Tincture (Passive Version) 7 7 6 Armor +6, STR + 10 Max HP +35, HP +35. Cast every 7 rounds; lasts 6 rounds.
Damageshield.jpg Damage Shield Rust Mistress, Ratman Shaman Sterling Ribcage, Wand of the Barrier, Bracers of Immolation 2 6 4 Increases target's Armor by 5
FireBlast.gif Fire Balm Flowering Fireweed Fire Balm 5 SC Entire Adds +5 to ranged damage
FireShield.gif FireShield Shade, Specter, Dark Knight, Shadow Thief, Werewolf Mage, Thallis Wizard, Fire Giant, Suspicious Traveller Apprentice Spellbook 2 6 4 Increases caster's Armor by 5 and magic resistance by 25.
FlameShield.gif FlameShield Greater Werewolf, Thallis Heroes 1 6 4 Increases Armor by 4 and Magic Resistance by 20
IllusionaryHero.gif Illusionary Hero Armor of Illusions 4 SC Entire Single physical and magical attacks have a 50% chance to hit your "illusion" instead of you (less chances against multitarget attacks / spells). Won't help against Howl of Discord.
Invisibility (45) Leprechaun Chieftain Invisibility Gem, Holster of Respite, Sneaking Armor, Stoneback's Shield of Might and Wild Cloak 2 SC 5 Caster becomes invisible for 5 rounds in combat
AuraofPeace.gif Invisibility (67) Invisible Troll, Nightmare, Alkanar, Storm Giant Wand of Invisibility 7 12 10 Caster becomes invisible for 10 rounds in combat. Can be cast every 12 rounds. Similar with the Aura of Peace of Healer.
MagicMirror.gif Magic Mirror Vampire, Warlock, Dark Spider Belt of Reflection 6 12 8 MGR +100
Paladinaura.gif Paladin Aura Thallis Healer Dagger of Valour, Dagger of Heroism 12 12 2 STR+32, H2H+75, DAM+10, PAR+75, Armor +10, Slayer
ResistMagic.gif Resist Magic Shade, Specter, Werewolf Mage, Thallis Wizard Apprentice Spellbook, Stoneback's Shield of Might 6 8 8 MGR +35
Shadow Cloak Shadow Thief, Suspicious Traveller 7 12 10 Invisibility for 10 rounds every 12 rounds of combat. Same as Healer's Aura of Peace and Invisibility-67
ShieldofLight.gif Shield of Light Temple raiders' leader, Thallis Paladin Heroic Cloak 4 4 3 Dodge +10, Parry +10, MGR +15, Armor +4
Smoke Screen Fire Giant 15 12 5 +10..17 to DOD & PAR of ally or -20..27 to H2H & RAN of a hero. Stacking!
Speed Monster Goblin Priest 9 8 1 Ally: +25, Damage +1, H2H +10, Ranged +10, Spell Damage +2
StoneSkin.gif Stone Skin Stoneskin Varg, Thallis Monk Stoneback Shield 4 6 6 Armor +8; stacks with the Stone Skin temple enchantment
Strengthen Shadowbeast Greater Wight ? 5 Strength +32, Armor +4, Parry +10, Dodge +10
TeleportShort.gif Teleport (Short) Amulet of Teleportation 4 SC Instantly flee from battle
WerewolfForm.gif Werewolf Form Circlet of Lycanthropy, True Werewolf Circlet 15 12 6 Strength +12, Artifice +5, Armor +1, Regeneration (1)

Summon and charm spells[]

For purposes of action order during combat, summon spells are considered to be non-offensive spells, while charm spells are considered to be offensive spells. All summons start to work in battle only if at least one enemy is visible.

Spell Name Monster(s) Item(s) Level CD Summary
AnimateSkeleton.gif Animate Skeleton Goblin Wight, Liche 1 - Creates a skeleton follower
Summon Shadowbeast Greater Wight Shadow Gem Creates an upgradeable Shadowbeast follower. They don't disappear after the battle and will use the same three slots as Krypta skeletons.
Summon Shadow Stalker Nightmare, Vampire Queen, Thallis Priestess, Flesh Scavenger Shaman 20 Summons a Shadow Stalker during combat
ControlUndead.gif Control Undead Goblin Wight 7 Charms an undead to become a follower. Undead include Skeletons, Vampires and Zombies.
Summon Spider Warlock 20 Creates Giant Spider follower
Summon Medusa Greater Gorgon 20 Summons a Medusa during combat