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The Traveller's Dell

Traveller's Dell is a located at the center of the Hellfire Mountains. Players first access Traveller's Dell through the Southern Pass from Lormidia. Traveller's Dell is an important location due to the maps and travel commodities sold in its trading post.


Traveller's Dell is a small valley in the heart of the Hellfire Mountains, the crossroads where all four Mountain Passes meet.

Locations in Traveller's Dell[]

  • Guardhouse: Heroes may talk to the local guardsman.
  • Traveller's Dell Inn: Heroes may rest for a fee, as in any other inn.
  • Trading Post: The Trading post sells a number of useful items, listed below. In addition, the trading post sells maps to all four Mountain Regions at 2000 gold each (see: Hellfire Mountains). These maps are required to access those regions. You can sell a lot of different stuff here as well, though for half a price you could get from a blacksmith or on a market.

Items for sale[]

Leave the Valley[]