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Treldan Wood

Treldan Wood is a region in Ardania for heroes to explore once they have obtained the map for the location, either by completing The Trial of Venn's Spire or by purchasing the map from the map maker in Mayhew. The region contains fairly low-level Monsters who should not pose too much of a threat to heroes, although spell-casting Heroes may have trouble with the magic-resistant dryads.

Treldan wood contains two notable sub-locations: Darkmoor Swamp and Lichfield Hollow, both found by exploring the area. Darkmoor Swamp can only be found by Heroes of level 9 or above.


A perpetual dusk envelops you as you enter Treldan Wood. The trees let little light through.


Special encounters[]

Other features[]

  • Heroes with the harvesting ability may randomly discover items. For example, Rangers may find healing herbs, which can be used to create elixirs of health at the Alchemist.
  • Heroes can randomly find an Emerald Trinket. This event is tracked as an item encounter in the journal counter.

Routes and Sub-locations[]