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The Valley of Gur-Mechina is the destination on the Western Pass, traveling away from Traveller's dell, in the Hellfire Mountains region. Heroes may also come across this area by chance when exploring the Western and Southern mountain regions. The valley of Gur-Mechina contains a number of items guarded by powerful monsters.


The Valley of Gur-Mechina is a dim, misty region inhabited by Undead, littered with hidden tombs and ancient graveyards.


The starred monsters are encountered in according crypts only.


Vampire Queen - the XP Leacher!

Death Barrow

Inside a Crypt

There are three types of location encounters. Location of any type sometimes contains an additional crypt into which the hero may descend. A hero can either just exit from the crypt anytime he wants or by finding (which sometimes could take dozens of turns, with occasional battles in between) and winning a battle in a "large tomb". Upon victory, heroes gain one of items mentioned below and some gold.


Ancient Graveyard

Mystic Ruins

  • Dense fog: lose 1-2 turns.
  • Phantom Stalkers pack: fight with 2-3 Phantom Stalkers.
  • Crypt Dust: inside crypts only, lose 1-4 turns (unless you have the Holy Water consumables)