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Valmorgen Upper Sewers.

The sewers are a part of Valmorgen infested with rats and ratmen. For most new heroes, the sewers are the first location where they will find combat experience. The sewer inhabitant, especially the lowly Giant Rat, offers new heroes a chance to hone their combat skill before exploring more difficult areas. Heroes venturing in the sewers will eventually come across the entry to the Lower Sewers and then the Ratman Kingdom.


Filth and garbage cover the floor of the entrance to the Sewers. What was once an ambitious project by the Sovereign to improve the city's sanitation has become a chaotic, underground labyrinth, prowled by giant rats and Ratmen. All attempts to clear the Sewers have been abandoned.

Normal encounters[]

Quest-only encounters[]

Non-player characters[]

  • Royal Rat-Catcher. Exploring the sewers long enough will reveal the location of the Rat-catcher. Once found, the Royal Rat-Catcher is added to the Sewer sub-locations, and you can visit him any time thereafter.