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Venn's Spire.

Venn's Spire and its vicinity, which includes Venn's Spire surrounding lands and the Venn's Spire farmlands, are in close proximity to the city of Valmorgen, but the only way to access it is by teleportation from the Valmorgen Wizards Guild. This location is accessible only with the Trial of Venn's Spire quest. This quest is obtained by talking with the gate guards in Valmorgen and trying to leave. The option to teleport to Venn's Spire at the Wizard Guild will then be possible.

Completing the main quest at Venn's Spire permits returning to Valmorgen. This involves exploring and defeating 10 encounters to obtain 3 Keys and 7 Keystones. Note that your journal may be used to keep track of your quest items. The innkeeper also offers another way of returning to Valmorgen, for heroes that are unable to complete the quest. However, to depart the area, you will lose all your gold, as well as all Healing Potions, Elixirs of Health, Viper Venoms, Widow Brews, Strangleweed Spits, Invisibility Gems, Anti-Magic Gems, and Potions of Monster Detection.

Common Inhabitants[]

* Denotes you will only be able to find this enemy during special encounters.


Service locations[]

Explorable locations[]

  • Venn's Spire surrounding lands: The main location and the place where the hero can find items and encounters required for the The Trial of Venn's Spire.
  • Venn's Spire Farmlands: A place that peasants had to flee from due to several monster raids. The farmlands are accessible through the Farming Farms quest, which involves clearing five houses with monsters.
  • Inside Venn's Spire: The place of imprisonment of a powerful wizard. Access is only granted when you have all three keys and seven keystones necessary to complete the quest.

Special encounters[]

All encounters described below are in Venn's Spire surrounding lands.

Key encounters[]

  • Daemonwood Encounter: Leads to a battle with two Daemonwoods. Grants a Key.
  • Werewolf Encounter: Encounters 12 Werewolves. You can fight them or offer to cure them (the cure option will make a special 5 werewolf encounter possible and also grants a XP-bonus at the end [163 for level 7], that is much more than for killing 7 more werewolves). Grants the Zircon Key.
  • Bandits Encounter: Fight or threathen them. Non-violent sollutions give XP-bonusses. Grants a key.

Keystone encounters[]

  • Minotaur Encounter: Battle one minotaur. Grants a key.
  • Undead Encounter: Battle a group of 6 Skeletal Warriors. Requires Holy Water to fight them. Grants the Lapis Keystone.
  • Leprechaun Encounter: Battle one Leprechaun. Grants the Amber Keystone.
  • Mountain Lion Encounter: Battle 3 mountain lions. Grants the Quartz keystone.
  • Jack the Rogue Encounter: Battle Jack and 4 Ruffians. Grants the Opal keystone.
  • Goblin Pack Encounter: 4 Goblins, 2 Goblin Champions, 3 Goblin Archers and 2 Goblin Priests. You can fight them or offer to wear the Unholy Symbol of Grum-Gog that they offer you (which weakens you). This solution is only viable for the few classes that can wear it and gives a XP-bonus (may be for you it'll be also a good idea to take it for sell in a future, but not to wear it and next time you'll meet them to kill them for additional 147 money, because difference in XP not so considerable). Grants the Agate keystone.
  • Harpies Encounter: Battle 5 Harpies. Grants the Jasper keystone.

Other encounters[]

  • Camp of Krall the Avenger: Encounter for the "Foul Play" quest.
  • Fountain filled with Holy Water: Provides Holy water.



  • Valmorgen (upon completion of the Venn's Spire main quest or via the innkeeper's return route)