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Weapons are items used for ranged and melee combat. Weapons are generally used to grant or enhance the hero's weapon damage, although many weapons also grant additional bonuses. Weapon can be enchanted up to +3 in any Wizards Guild and up to +4 in Lormidia after the completion of the Ascend the Wizard's Tower quest. Basic weapons can be obtained from the blacksmith, while more advanced weapons are found by adventuring or are crafted from schematics.

Most classes rely on weapons as their main source of damage. In addition to providing damage, many weapons also confer additional combat stats bonuses. The unique case is for Monks, who derive most of their weapon damage through the willpower stat, but may also equip weapons to enhance damage. Weapons are not needed for casting spells that the hero has learned. However, certain special weapons confer spells to the user or other stats bonuses relevant to spellcasting.

Basic weapons[]

The items below are the "original" weapons from Majesty. These weapons are plain in that they do not confer any bonuses in addition to the basic weapon damage, with the exception of the bows. Basic weapons are classified by tiers known as levels. Weapon damage increases by +1 for each weapon level. Weapons up to level 4 can be socketed, as indicated by the (§) symbol.

Warrior, Paladin Warrior, Dwarf Warrior, Barbarian Warrior of Discord Elf, Ranger Rogue Gnome, Healer, Cultist,
Paladin, Warrior
Solarus Adept, Priestess,
Level Sword Hammer Axe Blade-stick Bow Crossbow Dagger Mace Staff
1 (§) Shortsword, 10 Hammer, 12 Axe, 12 Blade-stick, 16 Longbow, 6 Light Crossbow, 8 Cheap Iron Dagger, 4 Mace, 12 Wooden Staff, 8
2 (§) Broadsword Steel-shod Hammer Heavy Axe Razor Blade-stick Fine Longbow Crossbow Steel Dagger Weighted Mace Iron-Shod Staff
3 (§) Longsword War Hammer Broad Axe Chaos Blade-stick Yew Longbow Heavy Crossbow Long Steel Dagger Spiked Mace Fighting Staff
4 (§) Fine Steel Longsword Heavy War Hammer Battle Axe Ultra Chaos Blade-stick Composite Longbow Excellent Crossbow Mithril Dagger Lead-Filled Mace Spiked Staff
5 Longsword of Flaying Hammer of the Fools Axe of Power Entropy Avenger Seeker Longbow Crossbow of Pain Dagger of the Ages Crusher Staff of Smiting
6 Longsword of Decapitation Hammer of the Dwarves Axe of Death Random Slayer Finder Longbow Crossbow of Accuracy Holy Dagger Flattener Staff of Spite
7 Longsword of Annihilation Hammer of the Gods Axe of Destiny Weapon of Death Avenger Longbow Crossbow of Destruction Dagger of Vengeance Spindler (None)

Non-crafted special weapons[]

The following weapons differ from the basic ones in that they confer notable stats effects upon the user. The weapons listed below vary greatly in strength.

Class Weapon Damage Special Properties Acquisition
(see individual item pages for all locations)
Melee (except monk and warrior) Golem Fist 10 Slayer ability HFM South, Desolate Wastelands
Adept Lunas Staff 13 H2H +10, Parry +10, Strength +8. HFM South, HFM East, Dark Forest (special encounter)
Barbarian Axe of the Covenant 18 STR +8, ART +8 Quest: "Axe of the Covenant"
Barbarian, Warrior Goblin Overlord Axe 14 STR +5, INT -2 Mayhew Goblin Shop, "Goblin Fortress"-type lairs
Cultist Lion's Dagger 13 Hand-to-hand +20, Parry +20 Thallis Temple to Fervus
Elf, Ranger Goblin Shortbow 8 STR +5, INT -2 Mayhew Goblin Shop, "Goblin Fortress"-type lairs
Elven Great Bow 13 Ranged +10 HFM North, HFM East, Ratman Battlegrounds
Monk Studded Knuckle Dusters 0 §4, Parry +10 HFM South, HFM East
Set of Brass Knuckles 0 Parry +10, H2H +10, Damage +1, Poisoned Weapon (3) Thallis Temple to Dauros
Solarus, Warrior Goblin Champion Mace 14 STR +5, INT -2 Mayhew Goblin Shop, "Goblin Fortress"-type lairs
Warrior, Paladin Goblin Champion Longsword 12 STR +5, INT -2 Mayhew Goblin Shop, "Goblin Fortress"-type lairs
Longsword of True Valour 14 STR +5, WP +5, H2H +10, Armor +2 Quest: "Longsword of True Valour"
Paladin Greatsword 15 §3 Fertile Plains, other locations
Mithril Greatsword 16 §3 Fertile Plains, other locations
Greatsword of Justice 17 Paladin HFM South, HFM West, Desolate Wastelands
Greatsword of Vanquishing 18 Paladin HFM North, Gur-Mechina, Thallis Blacksmith
Warrior Mithril Broadsword 15 H2H +5, Parry +5, §3 HFM South, HFM West, HFM East
Thallis Sword 18 H2H +5, Max HP +45 Thallis Warriors Guild
Warrior of Discord Blades of Mass Slaughtering 25 H2H +10, Critical Hit +1, Double Attack +30 Thallis Warriors Guild

Crafted weapons[]

See also: Schematics

Many schematics allow heroes to assemble power weapons. There are two sets of schematics:

  • Schematics of the first set are purchased from Valmorgen's Library. These schematics require, as ingredients, a level 6 basic weapon along with two or three "black" and/or "carved" accessories. Weapons crafted from these ingredients are generally mid-tier.
  • Schematics of the second set are found in the Abandoned Library in the Dark Forest. Dark Forest items can be upgraded (indicated by "→") at the Imp Workshop in the Desolate Wastelands once the Imp's quest is completed and the listed ingredients have been obtained. Weapons of such origins are generally the most powerful.

Weapons crafted from Valmorgen library schematics[]

Class Weapon Damage Special Properties Ingredients
Level 6 Weapon Accessories
Adept, Priestess, Wizard Shadow Staff 13 H2H +15, Parry & Dodge +15 Staff of Spite Black Claw, Black Stone
Barbarian Axe of Discretion 17 STR +15, H2H +15 Axe of Death Carved Tooth, Carved Claw
Cultist, Gnome, Healer, Paladin, Warrior Night Dagger 9 H2H +15, Parry & Dodge +15 Holy Dagger Black Claw, Black Stone
Dwarf Hammer of Resolve 17 STR +15, H2H +15 Hammer of the Dwarves Carved Tooth, Carved Claw
Elf, Ranger Stealth Bow 11 Ranged +15, Parry & Dodge +15 Finder Longbow Black Arrowhead, Black Stone, Black Leaf
Paladin GreatBlade of Focus 16 STR +15, H2H +15 Greatsword of Justice Carved Tooth, Carved Claw
Paladin, Warrior Midnight Blade 15 H2H +15, Parry & Dodge +15 Longsword of Decapitation Black Claw, Black Stone
Rogue Hunter Crossbow 13 Ranged +15, Parry & Dodge +15 Crossbow of Accuracy Black Arrowhead, Black Stone, Black Leaf
Solarus Flail of Subjection 17 STR +15, H2H +15 Flattener Carved Tooth, Carved Claw
Warrior of Discord Blades of Fatality 21 STR +15, H2H +15 Random Slayer Carved Tooth, Carved Claw

Weapons crafted from Abandoned Library schematics, and their upgrades[]

Class Weapon Damage Special Properties Ingredients
Adept Tempest Shaft 14 Lightning Storm, H2H +10, Parry +10, Strength +8. Mystic Staff (Valley of Gur-Mechina) Small Oculus Eye, Bellanite Shard
Shaft of Greater Tempests 16 Lightning Storm, H2H +20, Parry +20, Strength +20 Metal Strap, Goblin Grease
Barbarian Axe of Fury 25 H2H +20, Strength +16 Mystic Axe (HFM South), Splinter of Combustion, Small Oculus Eye
Axe of Frenzy 30 H2H +20, Strength +16 Mithril Alloy, Dark Wizard's Crystal Ball
Dwarf Golem Sledge 19 Slayer ability Mystic Hammer (HFM North), Golem Fist, Rumble Mitts, Bellanite Shard
Golem Smiter 20 Slayer ability, Armor +2, H2H +20 Flesh Hunter Fang Dust of a Dark Phantom
Elf, Ranger Greatbow of Speed 13 Ranged +10, Double Attack +70. Mystic Bow (HFM East), Splinter of Haste, Neckband of Smiting
Grandbow of Speed 12 Ranged +15, Triple Attack +50. Seed of a Strangleweed, String of Potence
Gnome Champion Blade 12 Double Attack +60 Mystic Dagger (HFM South), Splinter of Haste, Neckband of Smiting
Knight's Blade 13 Double Attack +80, Hand-to-hand +10, Parry +5 Very Sharp Enchanted Rock, Magic Skeleton Bone
Healer Dagger of Valour 10 Paladin Aura (STR+32, H2H+75, DAM+10, PAR+75, MGR+10, Slayer) Broken Mystic Greatsword (Valley of Gur-Mechina), Ring of Might, Plate Armor of Destiny,
either a Greatsword of Justice or Greatsword of Vanquishing
Dagger of Heroism 12 Paladin Aura (STR+32, H2H+75, DAM+10, PAR+75, MGR+10, Slayer), Parry +10 Bar of Gold, Dust of a Dark Phantom
Paladin Blade of Dauros 19 STR +10, Armor +2, Magic Resist +10 Mystic Greatsword (HFM North), Bellanite Shard, Shard of Assimilation
Blessed Blade of Dauros 19 STR +20, Armor +4, Magic Resist +20 Mithril Alloy, Enchanted Idol
Priestess Staff of Death 1 Deathblast Spell, Vitality -2. Mystic Staff (Valley of Gur Mechina), Gemstone of Death (Valley of Gur Mechina), Bellanite Shard
Doom Staff 1 Deathblast, Magic Resist +10, Intelligence +8 Dragon Pearl, Metal Strap
Rogue Bolt Spitter 12 Attack Multiple Foes +50, Double Attack +40, Ranged -15 Mystic Crossbow (HFM East), Shard of Assimilation, Splinter of Haste
Bolt Gutter 12 Attack Multiple Foes +80, Double Attack +65 String of Potence, Dust of a Dark Phantom
Solarus Blazing Mace 22 Strength +12, Intelligence +12 Mystic Mace (HFM North), Splinter of Burning, Bellanite Shard
Blasting Mace 25 Strength +24, Intelligence +16, Damage +3 Very Sharp Enchanted Rock, Magic Skeleton Bone
Wizard Teevus Staff 1 Vortex, Vitality -4. Mystic Staff (Valley of Gur-Mechina), Teevus Wand, Bellanite Shard, Splinter of Burning
Cleansed Teevus Staff 1 Vortex, Spell Damage +1 Dragon Pearl, Goblin Grease