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The Wild Gardens is a random encounter from the Dark Forest. The Wild Gardens can be encountered only if you have the appropriate Rumor from the Blaze of Glory Tavern. Once the Gate Key is obtained, it is possible to freely travel to the Wild Gardens, even if the rumor is discarded.


You've stumbled upon what appears to be an over-grown garden, right in the middle of nowhere! It would seem that the dark magic of this forest has combined with a Royal Gardens from a long-ago fallen city to form an enchanted garden the size of a town!

It amazes you how exotic and wild the plantlife looks in this strange garden. There is definitely the enchanted pulse of a Royal Gardens present, but there's also something more. Something darker... You turn to see the path from which you came only to find that the garden has grown over it behind you. Surrounded with an impassable wall of vegetation except for the path in front of you, it seems the only way to go is forward.




  • You have to battle through the Sorcerer's Abode in order to exit the Gardens. The battle takes 4 turns, but if you don't have enough you can just wait at the entrance till the turns are generated. If you are defeated you return to the entrance of the Garden and can enter the Dark Forest.